Production targets

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There are many activities that jaguar can undertake to insure that they meet their aims and objectives. Activities are specific things that jaguar are doing and can do so they meet their aims and objectives a lot quicker. In this piece of coursework I will talk about the activities that jaguar currently has in place so that they achieve their aims and objectives. The first aim that jaguar has it so meet production targets. There are many ways in which jaguar can ensure that they meet this aim.

The first thing that they can do is to continuously update their lantern board. The lantern board is where all the information about the cars to produce is put up and the targets for the day are put up. There are many advantages for this. The first advantage that this has is that it makes the employee’s job easier as it shows them what they need to achieve by the end of the day, by doing this it means that the production line will be continuous because all the employees will be doing the jobs that is required of them.

If the production line is continuous it will lead to customer satisfaction as they will be getting their cars on time. The second advantage of having the lantern board up is that it keeps the employees motivated, the way in which it keeps them motivated is because it shows them a clear list of what they need to do, and this will make them determined to their job. If the employees do their job properly then it will insure that the production line will be continuous and this will again lead to customer satisfaction as the customers will be getting their cars on time. By doing this it would help them meet their aims of continuous production during running times and also the aim of improving quality and customer satisfaction.

The second way in which jaguar helps meet the production targets is by having computer aided technology; CAD (computer aided design) CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and CAE (computer aided engineering) by having all of this it makes the employees work a lot easier meaning that they can get the job that they are doing a lot quicker. If this is done then it would lead to the employees completing the cars on time and this would mean that the customers will be satisfied because of this. Also by using these computer aids it means that the work that is produced will be a lot neater as it will be formatted a lot clearer. It also reduces the risk of human errors, making the work more reliable and accurate.

Jaguar have a private railway link, this means that they can get the finished cars to the customers quickly. This will keep the customers satisfied. Also by meaning that the cars are being taken away it means that they do not have to store the cars, this means that they can save time and continue with the work that they are doing without having to worry about the number that they produce.

The first objective that jaguar has is to deliver exciting new products. This would help jaguar to meet their first aim of meeting their production targets due to the fact that jaguar has recently released the XF model. The first thing that jaguar is doing to ensure that they meet this objective is that they inspect 1 in 10 cars for any problems, by doing this it means that the cars cannot be returned because of the poor quality, this would increase their sales as they would be known as a company that produces high quality cars.

Also by having the lantern board it means that when Jaguar is producing the cars they will be of a high quality. This means that when the cars go to the new owners they will be happy because there will be no faults and this will lead to Jaguar fulfilling this objective of delivering exciting new products as the customer would enjoy the car. By Jaguar having CAD, CAM and CAE it means that the cars that they produce will be of better quality this will mean that the finished product that they give to the customer will be of high quality meaning that they will be happy. By doing this it would also help Jaguar as it would make their reputation a lot better because of the fact they are producing higher quality cars.

This would also lead them to achieving their aim of increasing shares in the UK luxury car market as their good reputation would lead to more people buying their cars. Jaguar also looks at its competitors to see which cars they have released, this gives them new ideas that they can use to adapt their cars. By using new ideas it would mean that they will be achieving their first objective as they will be releasing new products for the customers.

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