Production Schedules

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Sony’s entertainment systems are becoming ever so popular with middle aged families. Recent surveys have found out that this segment have time to spare, as well as disposable income available. It would make sense that Sony should target this segment in some way. The market for electronic products is expanding due to the technology available and the time consumers have at hand. Markets are now getting bigger and bigger by expanding due to larger sales and mergers. Different organisations change inputs to outputs in different ways.

It’s possible to choose production methods into a number of different ways. Job Production Job production is when an organisation produces one or a small number of products, for example, a designer dress or a hand-made suit. The product would be made on the producer’s premises and then it would be transported to the purchaser. The producer might be working on several projects and have different groups of customers. Organisations operating in this way need to make sure that there are new jobs coming in for the jobs that have nearly been completed.

Batch Production Batch production is when a number of identical items are produced. The products aren’t produced for a specific customer but are made in large quantities for the market. Batch production deals with work being passed from one stage to another and each stage of production are highly planned. Every now and then the production process will be shut down and rest for a different product to be produced. Line Production Line production involves products passing down a line of production.

The same product will pass down the production line going through the same sequence as before. Car assembly lines are the best example of line production. Most line production plants have replaced staff from work for robots. Sony P. L. C. s chosen method of production is line production. For each product made there will be thousand’s produced along the same conveyor belt. This will apply to all televisions, videos, cameras and computers. Technological Change Sony P. L. C. is in a world wide multi billion hi-tech industry.

It is important that Sony can adapt quickly to the changes in the world economy. If for some reason that they don’t adapt quickly then Sony P. L. C. could be in trouble. They need to be ahead of technological change in their products and services. Sony will need to change their products quickly. By 2005 Sony are forecasting that the broadband era will achieve critical mass. They are concentrating on the electronics and game markets top of their priority. Standards of Service Sony P. L. C. must make sure that the standards of products up to a sufficient standard.

Some parts might be brought in from developing countries so it’s important that products are checked because most of them will be shipped to western countries such as the U. K. , Germany and the U. S. A. If products aren’t kept above a satisfactory standard then they might not be able to be transported to Europe and the U. S. A. All products that are made outside the E. U. must have an (CE) European commission mark. This mark is to say that the product has passed the standard to enter the E. U. There is also sometimes electronic interference.

This will be between two products such as a television and a radio. Sony P. L. C. is a manufacturing company and it can get dangerous at times. To make sure that there is no danger companies will draw up rules to keep the workforce safe which is health and safety legislation. It’s important for large companies to make sure that they follow health and safety legislation because employees will get hurt and it doesn’t look good in the world’s media. If health and safety isn’t above a certain standard then it is possible that they will be disciplined or even shut down in some cases by a governing body.

Sony P. L. C. has invested interest in U. S. businesses such as Sony Electronics Inc, Sony Broadband Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Plaza Public Arcade and Sony wonder technology lab and Metreon. The annual sales for Sony P. L. C. for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2003 were 62. 3. billion dollars and sales in the United States were 20 billion dollars. Sony P. L. C. employs 161,100 employees for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2003 and approximately 22,000 employees in the United States.

Sony has major manufacturing sites in Dothan, New Stanton, Pitman, San Antonio, San Diego, and Terre Haute all in the United States and Tijuana, Mexicali, and Nuevo Laredo which are in Mexico. The entertainment production is Sony pictures studio which is based in California and Sony music studio which is based in New York. Sony manufactures their products worldwide. They operate in most countries, wherever there is a demand for any of Sony’s products they will be there to get a slice of the market share. Most of their manufacturing plants operate a flow line production system.

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