Production Planning and Estimating Manager

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Our client company, based in Lye, are looking to recruit an experienced Production Planning Manager to oversee the throughput of work in their modern machine shop. Machining capacity includes, gantry mill. Elga mill, horizontal and vertical borers plus large centre lathes etc. and heavy machining is a specialty; applicants should therefore be experienced in heavy engineering machining (up to 20 tons) with both CNC and manual machines. The position involves planning the work through the machine shop on a daily basis, including handing out jobs to the operatives and the routing of work and therefore excellent man management skills are also required.

The ideal candidate will also be computer literate, capable of pricing jobs, producing estimates/quotations and dealing with incoming sales enquiries. The successful candidate will be dealing with existing and potential customers and, on occasion, liasing with the Foundry Manager to cost jobs and produce estimates and tenders. Input will also be required on engineering methods, trouble shooting and quality issues. Contract of employment is a written document containing the terms and conditions of employment relating to a particular individual and their employment also identify the legal relationship between employee and employer. When both have signed it, it is binding and both employer and employee have to comply and observe its terms unless they mutually agree to change these.

A compensation conditions: your contract  will position your salary, how often you will be waged and the process of payment. Details of any gratuity or commission schemes will also be integrated in addition to information on sick pay. Probation: numerous employees commence on a probationary period – from three months to a year. During this period they may perhaps be paid a lower salary and less notice will be required on either side to end the employment, the performance of the candidate is also monitored. So if you regularly had to present a month’s notice or more, this may be abridged to a week when you are on probation; and your employer may only need to give you a day or two. During this period your performance is continually assessed. If it is acceptable then you become a “full” employee when it is over. If there are minor problems the probationary period mat be extended for a short time. If there are serious issues the employee will either be demoted or dismissed.

Disciplinary procedures states what action the employer will take if there is a difficulty with an employee. They are used if the employee breaches the contract, fails to comply with disciplinary or organisational policies or does not fulfil his or her responsibilities. Grievance procedures inform employees what actions to consider if a dispute cannot be resolved informally plus if the employee feels there is a legitimate criticism. Most grievances are individual but a collective grievance can be pursued by a group of employees.

Annual leave: all full-time employees contain the legal right to a minimum of 20 days’ paid holidays a year – often referred to as “annual leave”. Part-time and temporary employees must, by law, be treated in the same way as the full-time employees, so their holidays must be comparable on a pro rata basis (i.e. adjusted in relation to the number of hours worked). Thus, if all full-time employees receive 20 days’ paid holiday a year, then part-time employees or temporary employees working 50 per cent of hours must obtain 10 days’ paid holiday.

a quantity of employees may be more generous plus this would be assured in the contract, together with any restrictions on holidays. For instance, if your manager is extraordinarily busy at a certain period of the year, vacations may possibly not be authorized then except by special agreement with a senior manager. Leave preparation contain the following: Maternity leave: pregnant women automatically meet the criteria for maternity leave for a minimum of 26 weeks. Many have the right to obtain a minimum level of pay during this time and those who have worked longer with an employer can take additional unpaid leave.

During this occasion the woman’s terms and conditions must remain the same and she must be authorized to return to her previous employment afterwards or appropriate alternative work if the job she did has ceased to exist. If she is sacked or made redundant then this would automatically be classed as unfair dismissal. Notice and termination of contract: there is a minimum amount of notice that you, or your employer, have to provide if the contract is terminated. This is to allow you to find an alternative job, or for your employer to replace you. Some employers extend this, particularly for senior staff, which may be harder to replace.

Redundancy: redundancy is a situation where an individual is dismissed because there is no job for them to do. In law, redundancy must be reasonable – an employer cannot pick and prefer which employees to make redundant and must consult fully over the criteria for selection with the trade union and follow an agreed procedure. If there is a staff association, it must be consulted when more than 20 jobs will be affected employees who have worked for the employer for more than two years must receive redundancy pay at, or above, a minimum legal level based on their age, length of service and weekly pay up to a specified amount.

They must also be offered free counselling or retraining and given time off to go for interviews for a new job. this. I am now going to relate the terms and conditions to a job. In school, every student in year 11 has to do work experience for a week. I did my work experience in said business school. Whilst I was on my work experience, I was requested to collect the following information. This information relates to my unit 5 portfolio.

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