Production operations department

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Production operations department. The research department will look at what is already out there and also look at what the customer wants, they will create questionnaires and send emails to customers requesting them to share their views with the business and once the design department has put together a worthwhile design. The production operations department will then set out to create the design put forward by the design department.

For example with McDonalds when creating a happy meal box or toy the research department will look at what is being successful so then once they have found a film they want to be represented through their happy meal they will then look to strike a deal with the film company who will also through this advertise and promote their film. So when they have the film pictures on the box and a character from the film is in the box then the child which is the happy meals target market will sell as it is being likened to that film they have just watched in the cinema and as the McDonalds’ in Newcastle is near the cinema then when people come out of the cinema and see that McDonalds are promoting something to do with that film they will more than likely go and see it.

To communicate with others in the business they will use various techniques to get the work around the business one is through telephone calls which will mean speaking to that person directly and any problems can be sorted out their and then. They could also use email to contact the research and development department and with that email there will probably be an attachment which consists of the questions the Marketing department wishes the research and development department to produce. Another way is through Fax the marketing department will fax letters to the other department who will then act upon those letters.

Another and more common way is through meetings in which all the departments meet together to organise their next move this is a much better way of communicating as problems with the idea can be sorted out there and then whereas with the emailing way of communicating you not only have to be on the computer when an email is sent but it also takes more time to write the letter or email, emailing also doesn’t always give you the right feeling when it comes to getting your point across.

They have to communicate with other people inside the business as they cant do everything themselves that is why businesses have all these departments so that work can be done in a much easier and orderly fashion so the marketing department will speak with the research and development department because they need the research and development department to carry out research on the customers and other products. Then once the idea is put together they will need to speak with the production department as they will create this product. The marketing department will also communicate with people and other organisations outside the business as they will provide the details they need. So they will have to contact there customers to see what they want and this usually done via email or Telephone.

Customer Services

Customers are what keep businesses ticking because their money is the income or revenue of the business. When customers buy goods or services they expect them to be of very good quality as well as this, the customer also has a legal right to not be conned into something when they buy a certain product or service. Customers expect the staff inside the business to be kind and helpful, know about the product and if possible offer something extra for their money.

McDonalds will have a lot of competition so they will know that a customer has a lot of other places to go if they so wish. McDonalds need to make sure that the customer has a positive experience when they visit them and hopefully this will mean that the customer returns again and again. The customer service department is in charge of making the customer having this wonderful experience, so they will also if needed provide all the extras people needThe customer services department will use ICT to send emails to different customers who have queries and they will also create a database so as to record all the queries easily and then hopefully act on them one by one.

The Customer services department will work alongside numerous other departments one of which is the research and development department, they will tell the research and development department that they are having problems with an area and then the research and development department will look at how they can improve that area. They will also work with the Marketing and Sales department, they will communicate with the department to say to them which area in the business the customers are least pleased with and then once this has been sorted out the marketing department will then advertise that this problem has been sorted and this will then hopefully mean that the customers will come and be pleased with the changes which will hopefully bring in more customers.

The business will also communicate with people outside the business for example the customer services department will have to communicate with the companies suppliers so for example if the company has supplied McDonalds with bad meat of which a customer has complained about then McDonalds will communicate with the supplier via a telephone call or email in which the appropriate action would be taken.

Production Operations The production operations department is responsible for obtaining resources required to create the product and provide the service that the organisation provides. They are also in charge of using the best of the resources available to them and then using those resources so that are used in the best way possible. For example McDonalds makes food so without food McDonalds would cease to exist and it is the same with a school if there is no children then it isn’t a school so the Production Operations department is in fact one of the key parts of the business.

Using ICT The production operations department will use ICT to create a database or a spreadsheet for products made and sold. When you are in a business like McDonalds you need ingredients so they need a record of all the stock that they need so the database will have a reorder level so that McDonalds know that when they reach that number of boxes or burgers left then they should reorder so that they do not run out.

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