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I have created a still media text, which advertises diesel jeans. The purpose of my advert is to inform my target audience of the product that I am promoting, which in this case is ‘Diesel jeans’. Once my advert is complete, it will hopefully reassure and remind the target audience of the benefits of buying ‘Diesel jeans’. In order for people to take an interest in the jeans, I will make sure that the advert is different and unique when compared with other adverts of similar products. In order to create my advert I had to make plans, when doing this I sketched out what I wanted my advert to look like.

Whilst in the planning process I took into account that my advert should reflect and relate to my target customers, in order to be effective. I hope that my advert will be appearing on billboards in large cities and in magazines. However the advert will only be appearing in magazines that the specific target audience are likely to read for example Marie Claire and Elle. My advert may be used on the side of tube stations; the advert may also be accessed on the Internet. The target audience of the product, which I am advertising, are of both sexes but mainly women, aged from their early twenties to middle thirties.

They are not likely to have children and probably have middle management jobs and above. They are also likely to have a high disposable income. They are fairly materialistic, modern and like designer labels. When I began this media text, I had a picture in my head of how I wanted it to look. The picture in my head turned out very different to my finalised production. I imagined my advert to be long shot, and the only visible object in the advert was to be a pair of jeans, on a white background, with the diesel logo in the top right hand corner.

I thought this would be effective, as it would emphasize the jeans. I also thought it would be a good idea as it would represent exactly what it is trying to sell. However when going through the process of actually producing the advert I found creating the advert that I imagined would be quite simple and boring. Therefore my plans changed dramatically and my final advert looked totally different to how I planned. When producing my advert I used various forms of technology. I firstly used a digital camera to capture the image; I took several images to give me the option of choice.

Once I had uploaded the photos of the camera onto the computer I choose which one would work best for me and opened it on paint. I then cropped the image to remove unnecessary parts of the image. I believe that cropping is an effective technique used to affect the consumers reading of the image. My next step in the process of finalising my media text was getting the ‘Diesel’ logo on to the advert. I got the ‘Diesel’ logo from the official ‘Diesel’ website, when doing this I used the copy and paste technique. I then pasted it on to my advert and positioned it.

I decided to put the logo on the bottom left hand corner, as positioning it here doesn’t take any emphasis off the main image but is still highly noticeable. I then choose to edit the colours, when doing this I had changed the colour settings, which allowed me to change the whole image in to negative. However I choose to leave the ‘Diesel’ logo as its original colours, which were red and white. I choose this decision as I believe that its vitally important that it is clear to the consumer what the advert is actually advertising and I believe that leaving the logo as it does this.

In my opinion I feel that I used the technology effectively as I was able to create the advert how I wanted to. However when producing my advert I used ‘paint’ to edit and I’m aware that there is other editing programmes which are probably better as they offer a wider range of editing options, such as adobe photo-shop. Therefore I will take this into account and consider the option of using other editing programmes in future productions. My advert is a medium long shot, however the whole body is in view as the model in my advert is sitting down, and the camera angle is tilted.

I believe this adds a little complication to the advert. The denotations of my advert include a young female leaning against a tree. She is wearing jeans and a stripy jumper. She is also wearing sunglasses. The colours in my advert have been edited in to negative, and the angle is tilted. I choose to change the colours to negative as the grass in the picture looks blue, and the colour blue is associated with denim/jeans. The girl in the advert comes across as laid-back and peaceful, due to the connotations of the way her head is positioned.

Her head is facing sideways as if she is looking out and thinking hard. She is sat on the grass leaning against a tree, which perceives her as being natural and slightly ‘hippyish’, which may relate to some of the target audience, as I believe that a section of the target audience may like to see themselves as being hippies. However they are blatantly modern Overall I believe that I have worked very effectively as I very satisfied with my outcome. However I’m highly aware that there are several aspects that could be improved. I could have improved on my photography skills.

While working on this media text I have acquired various skills and developed on skills that I already had. For example I learnt how to edit colours on paint and how to crop and rotate pictures; I also developed basic I. T skills when using the computer in general. I do feel that my advert is effective when meeting the requirements that will attract the target audience. (add) When going through the process of producing this media text I did encounter several problems. Firstly it always seemed to rain on the days I planned to take the pictures, this problem delayed the whole production process.

I then encountered another problem with the model when posing. On the whole I feel that I was quite organised. I planned my work clearly and thought about my actions out in great detail. Before I took the pictures for my advert I sketched a plan of what I wanted my advert to look like. This was very beneficial to me, as it allowed me to put the ideas from my head onto paper. I could then compare and make changes to them. If I were given the option of doing this project again I would definitely make several changes.

I would use a different editing programme, as I believed I would of benefited if I used a more advanced editing programme. Because it would of allowed me to edit the picture in a more detailed way. I also think that my advert would of improved if I took more pictures with a variety of settings, as I only took my pictures in one setting, which resulted in having as lack of choice for my background. Overall am I very pleased with the advert I have produced, as I believe it does fulfil its purpose when appealing to the target audience. It works as an advert as it is eye-catching and interesting due to its uniqueness.

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