Production Department

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Production Department Supervisor in production department receives the order from sales officers and instructs the laborers to follow a production schedule accordingly. Once a pan of soap has been created, it is fed to electric machines for cutting & wrapping etc. Once an order has been produced, it is packed in cartons and stored in an in-house warehouse. Production department notifies the Marketing department of the completion of the order. Marketing department then asks the customer to pick up their order from the factory warehouse. ones. Administration Department This department has a support role.

It manages inventory, accounts, procurement, payroll and compensation. Furthermore, General Manager occasionally makes “good-will” calls to company’s regular customers. This department employs a warehouse in charge. His responsibility is to work with accountant and maintain records of raw materials and finished goods inventory. When the raw materials reach a reorder point, he notifies the GM. Then, GM arranges supply of the raw materials from suppliers, which are transported to the company warehouse by the supplier. Marketing Department This department shares the building with Administration department.

Two sales officers work in this department. Their primary responsibilities are receiving orders from the customers and passing them on to production supervisor. It must be noted that customer orders are placed in terms of the number of cartons required by the customer. Marketing department converts the number of cartons in to kilograms of soap required and number of batches required to produce those kilograms of soap (because soap is produced in 1500kg batches). Marketing department is also responsible for periodic marketing activities such a publishing company calendars and key rings.

Furthermore, this department also has to try to acquire more customers and manage relationships with existing ones. 1. The soap maker puts fatty acids in a pan that already has some water 2. Sodium Silicate and Caustic Soda are added and the pan is brought to a boiler 3. The mixture is allowed to first boil and then cool down 4. Once the mixture has taken a solid shape, it is taken out of the pan 5. Solidified mixture is taken to duplex plotters for plotting and cutting 6. Finally cakes are fed to stamping machine to stamp company logo on them 7. Stamped cakes are fed to the wrapping machine to wrap them up Production and Sales Data.

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