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In this item the product information tells us that these shoes are high heeled patent Mary Jane style shoe with dark heel detail. They are also 100% leather uppers and available in deep red. The problem with this description is that is doesn’t specify if it is available in any other colours other than red. Each item has a description to help the customer understand what the piece looks like in real life, but the piece of information is not incredibly detailed due to this, this doesn’t give the customer a true reflection on whether the item is right for them.

Some addition information for example Size Converter or the different types of material and or colour it’s available in ,I believe it would help the customer’s purchase and would cause in a rise to Topshop sales. Types Of transactions When the customer is satisfied with there selection they can add it to the basket by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ which is situated under the product information on the right hand side which is very easy to locate.

If you’re not pleased with the item you’ve selected the customer can remove the item very easily by pressing the ‘delete item’ button and then press ‘recalculate’ so that the total will be modified effortlessly. Next you enter your personal details for delivery address with is straight forward and quick. You are required to input a number of personal information not all shown about is asked for by the boxes marked with a star are essential to process the order you will be required to enter your Title e. g. Miss ,your forename , surname and Phone number. There are different ways to pay for your items e. g.

Topshop/Seven Card Visa Switch Maestro Master Card When at the Check out numerous details are required for example Card Number, Security Number, Expiry Date, Issue Date and Issue Number. In this particular website there is no possible way to register but there are different forms the customer can complete so that Topshop can keep in touch with the customer This screen shot shows that if you have a query or problem with the Topshop website you can contact them with your concern by entering you personal details so they can reply to your question and on the right hand side in the grey shaded area you write your problem.

Below shows this help area filled in just to show what a completed form looks like and how easy it is to do so. Here this screen shot shows that the details prior to this shot have been sent to the Topshop help line and this happen in a few seconds. When the customer pays for a certain item they receive confirmation via email. If the customer is ever stuck or lost on the website to return to the main page you easily click on the Topshop word on the top left of the screen. This symbol is there all throughout your online experience so you have no trouble when wanting to get to Topshop’s homepage.

Methods used to capture customer data Overt methods are loyalty or reward schemes encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Customers are rewarded with points every time they make a purchase. This screenshot is an overt method and by applying to this student card this will give people discount and will persuade them to shop in Topshop again, this offer is also used to get customer’s personal information so that the website can email the clients and send more offers e. g. Sales.

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