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The marketing department at Avon has recently started a new advertising campaign, in which actress Salma Hayek is included. Ms. Hayek will appear to advertise the new colour and fragrance launches. She will begin appearing in print and television advertisements for the products later in the year. She will also feature in the company’s brochures, public relations and the Internet. New beauty businesses from Avon announced four new strategic marketing groupings aimed at increasing the range of the business as a many-sided, lifestyle brand.

New associations have been formed with: Loews Cineplex Entertainment, Nextel Communications, New Line Cinema, and MTV. Mark was named so in celebration of young women making their ‘mark’ in the world today, and is the makeup you can buy and sell. The marketing team predict that, “The mark buyer and seller is probably the most intelligent and marketing- savvy consumer out there today”. Avon’s Human Resources team are dedicated to attracting and retaining the best possible talent to join Avon Products. At Avon, to stay ahead of the competition, our associates receive the best training and development available.

Jobs in human resources at Avon include, Recruiting, Organisational Development and Employee Relations. The Research and Development department at Avon help Avon to commit to strengthening its brands worldwide. To make this happen, this year Avon is increasing this department by 15%. In 1999 Avon introduced a number of new, innovative brands that broke the mould. Research and Development’s mission is to deliver a competitive advantage to Avon by tactically being first to market with products that meet customer needs with quality and superior performance benefits.

Avon provides scientific excellence needed for accessing, developing and influencing technology that expects future trends and opportunities in placement with marketing strategies. Avon’s production team continually strive towards our operations mission: “To deliver innovative and high-quality products and services, defect-free, on time, every time, and at the lowest total delivered cost. ” Avon holds high standards in production. Because of these standards, customer growth is supported, and innovative new products are continually brought to market.

In 1997, the finance area helped Avon brake the $5 billion revenue mark, making Avon the number 1 direct selling company in the world. Currently, Avon is increasing their annual revenue by $1 billion every three years. The scope of employees work at Avon impacts investments, operational strategies and new business opportunities. Each month, he finance area set budgets for the month, which show how much they can spend on each department. The money is then distributed to each department. Areas in the finance department include: Financial Analysis, Product Cost and Inventory Accounting, Planning and General Accounting.

This area works with all other areas, which is important, as they need to finance each other area correctly. All functional areas at Avon help the company to achieve its aims and objectives. The marketing department and research and development departments work towards Avon becoming the ‘women’s choice for buying’ by offering multiple brands and channels and creating lifelong customer relationships. New brands and advertising will help Avon achieve this aim. ‘To be the global beauty leader’ is an objective that is worked towards by all functional areas because it involves all areas of work.

To become the global beauty leader all functional areas need to work together to exceed their competitors in quality, innovation and value. The Human recourses team work towards the objective ‘to be the best place to work’ by setting high standards of employees to work at Avon. ‘To be the premier direct seller’ is an objective, which involves the marketing, production and research and development teams. The products need to be advertised in order to become the direct seller. There also needs to be new products and ideas to keep customers returning.

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