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AIDA is a tool that can be used when businesses advertise their business and product or service. We need to use this rule of AIDA when advertising our product. Our promotional materials are below. Posters The purpose of the posters is to promote our product as well as our business at school and at the White Rose as fully as we can. If we have eye-catching posters then it will help to get many people to come to our stall. Even if people come to our stall and not buy then we will know that our posters are eye-catching enough for them to come to our stall and see our products. The features that the posters will have on them are our business name, logo and our slogan.

We will then give customers brief information of what we are selling, where and when. We may also include pictures of our products. Will we try to make sure that the lettering is bold to make the poster stand out. It will be in colour so that it looks attractive. The impact the posters will have on the customers is that if they think that our product on the poster looks good then they may want to come see our whole range. If they come to our stall from seeing our poster but do not buy anything we will know that are posters have maximum impact in making customers come to our stall.


The purpose of these handouts is to give customers a clear idea of what exactly we are selling as a business, where and when. The features that will be on the handouts are the name of our business, the logo and slogan. These are possibly going to be in colour to make people want to read them. We will also give some information about what we are selling, where and when. We will have to keep the information to a minimum, as too much could make people not want to read it and throw it away. The handouts will probably be about A6 in size so that it looks small and makes people want to read it. I think that giving out handouts will have a big impact on customers.

This is because they have something to refer to and also probably remember the person giving them the handout, especially if they were greeted polity by them or even if the person had a catchy rhyme about their product. If they didn’t see the posters that were put up because it was too crowded then the handouts is a good way of promoting our product and business.

The promotional activities we will choose for our business is posters and handouts. I think this is suitable because our candles are appealing to everyone of all ages. When we are at the White Rose our posters will be effective because there will be all sorts of people shopping there. We will be reaching out to everyone and our market range is to reach out to people of all ages.

We will be selling most of our products at school after each trade fair so we will know who are customers are. This way we could attract more customers to come to our stall. Posters will be seen by most people around school as we will place them on most doors so they will keep seeing them and we will also be going to put posters in registers so that they are constantly reminded and come to our stall and see what we have to offer. When we are telling people in school we are reaching a target audience and we are reaching out to potential customers as this includes the staff.

Posters are good for visualising. Handouts are also effective. They have a huge effect because if the customer seems interested then they are likely to visit our stall but if a customer ignores us then they may not come to our stall. This way we can tell who are customers are. Posters can be easily missed so handouts are the second best way to get people to be familiar with our product and business. Giving out handouts lets the customer know about the product and business and they are also likely to remember the person that gave it to them if they are greeted politely. This way we can attract as many customers as we are able to.

Making posters and handouts will also save us money for our promotional activities. So we wont be overspending but still getting the message across. We will also be providing information to our customers about our product and business, which can be found in our leaflet which will be based on our stall. Or a customer can simply ask a member of our business at the stall or the person giving out handouts anything about our product and business that they may wish to know.

Both posters and handouts give the right amount of information to a customer about our product and business. If we make the handouts long with so much writing on them then they will be ignored. We will only be giving the information we think is relevant. We were also going to advertise our product and business in the local newspaper but we found out that it would cost us �56 and this would take away all the profit that we would make. Even though loads would read it they are not likely to come into school to buy our product. Even if people are passing we need to make our point of sale in this case the stall as attractive and eye-catching as we can make it so that people are likely to come and see what we are offering.

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