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1.What did you learn about your procrastination habits and your reasons for procrastinating? Provide examples. I learned several things about my procrastination habit. I only have one thing that I would procrastinate about and that was going back to school. I would procrastinate because I was afraid of fear, afraid I would not succeed, and afraid I would make a fool of myself, and most of all afraid I would fail.

2.If you do procrastinate often, why do you think you do it? If you do not procrastinate, what tips can you share on how you avoid procrastination? Provide examples. I would say that I do not procrastinate in my everyday life; I was only procrastinating about going to school to chase my dreams. The one way I avoid procrastination is a saying I use in my house on a daily basis, “do it now”. I teach my children to do whatever it is to do it now and not wait to do it. Waiting to me is a waste of time. I like to get all my things tended to and taken care of. Some examples I can use to stop procrastination is, don’t make an excuse why you should wait to do something, do it now. Don’t try to get out of doing something, do it now. Don’t try to get someone else to help you or do it for you, just do it now.

3.Which assignments do you feel students are more likely to procrastinate on? Why? Provide examples. Assignments I feel most students procrastinate on are essay papers, research papers, and studying. I think they procrastinate because it may be a topic they are not interested in and wait until the last minute to write it. Maybe there are more exciting things, like a party, they want to attend so they blow off school work until after the party. Also, they may not be able to manage time wisely and procrastinate too much.

4.Out of the ten procrastination busters listed in your textbook, which one do you think would work for you? Explain your thoughts. The one procrastination buster I think would work for me would be number 8, to overcome fear. That is why I procrastinated about going back to school. I had many fears; I finally overcame those fears and called Everest! Now that I have faced those fears I think I can face all my fears. I just need to learn that it can be dealt with. I did not realize I was procrastinating until I read this chapter and did this exercise.

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