Problems students encounter while in college

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Students are likely to encounter many types of complications while attending college. Balancing school and work, paying for tuition, and partying are serious issues students face each semester. “Drinking Deaths Draw Attention to old Campus Problem” by Mindy Sink and “Earning and Learning: Are Students Working too Much? ” by Martin Kramer, both have excellent examples to show how these complications affect students in college. The cost of tuition for college is high priced. Not everyone can afford to drop 1,500 dollars each semester.

In Martin Kramer’s “Earning and Learning: Are Students Working too Much? ” he states that “the cost of tuition has risen and the aid offices have less grant money to award “(62). Although there are many scholarships and grants out there, they take time to complete and to be approved. Even with these scholarships and grants, students still may not be able to afford classes and that ultimately results in having to take out student loans. Paying for tuition is probably one of the most substantial problems students face.

Furthermore, trying to balance school and work can be very overwhelming to college students. In the article “Earning and Learning: Are Students Working too Much? ” Martin Kramer discusses the idea of students with jobs. Because the cost of college is increasing, students are forced to get jobs. However, full time students should not be working full time. As a full time student, we are expected to be completing 40 hours worth of school work each week. As a full time student myself, I know I could not handle going to school full time as well as going to work full time.

If colleges would lower the cost of tuition then students wouldn’t have to work as much. In addition to finances and working, many college students face problems with partying. Most freshman starting at universities are away from their home and parents for the first time. Often these students become heavily involved in drinking or drugs because they have no parental supervision. In the article “Drinking Deaths Draw Attention to Old Campus Problem”, Mindy Sink explains what underage drinking did to two teens in Colorado. The drinking led to death for these two college students.

Sink is trying to get the word out about just how dangerous partying can be to college students. Drinking and partying too much can result in missing classes and ultimately result in receiving bad grades or failing. In conclusion, the complications students encounter while attending college are enormous. Students will always face challenges with paying for tuition, balancing school and work and the temptation of partying. The articles mentioned throughout this essay can help students realize the importance of these issues and can help to make college life just a little easier to adjust to.

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