Principles of marketing black berry

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There are five stage of the decision making process, and the b buyers started with the need recognition or identification of a problem, they have decided that there are better products in the market such as android smart phones and the famous ISO ‘phone , the second stage that the b community went through was the information search stage in which they asked friend or family, or have seen commercials or even searched over the internet to find the Smartened that each individual needed, afterwards they turned to evaluating alternatives in which they did a comparison between the brands, after the evaluation the user finally buys the product, and finally the post purchase decision in which the user decides if the product is good or bad. B. What were the key factors of blackberry’s success? Blackberry’s success started by hiring dedicated & professional team of B App Developers who can build the right application to meet user’s requirements, using unique approach in marketing the B, they strategically positioned the b as a tool for business. Blackberry Factors Of Success, http://vestries-blackberry. Bloodspot. Com/ Question 2: There are many factors affecting a consumer’s behavior. Nominate THREE of them and relate them to the case by giving examples and personal observations of why people shifted from BlackBerry to ‘phone?

There are cultural factors affecting the consumer behavior of people, such as the Cultural stress that people face when choosing a phone and it involves the beliefs and values of the society they live in, and in these cultures there are subcultures affecting people with religion, geographic, ace among other things, and the social class in which specifically affects the consumer behavior, in poor societies it would not matter if you have a old or a new phone but in rich societies it does matter and people have headed towards ‘phone because it has better specifications and it supports APS, a person’s age makes a difference usually most age groups aim towards getting the latest phone and almost all age groups switched to ‘phone, yet some people still use b for its chatting capabilities, family also affects the buying behavior of consumers as a member of the Emily buys a product and recommends it to other members of the family they will Principles of marketing black berry By sundial individual’s economic situation affects his buying behavior, both the ‘phone and B are quite expensive products and user with lack of cash will hesitate to buy either of products. Question 3: Knowing that BlackBerry is facing problems and needs to change its products/ services, what are your recommendations to change the business buying process of the company? The business buying process involves, Users which are people from the organization ho will use the product or service, Influences and they often help define specifications and also provide information for evaluating alternatives, Buyers have formal authority to select the supplier and arrange the terms of purchase, Deciders have formal or informal power to select or approve the final suppliers, Gatekeepers control the flow of information to others.

My recommendation is to recognize the problem which is the release of the new ‘phone and adapt the current product to match or surpass it, then they should do a general need recognition in which money in the company recognizes a problem or needs that can be met by acquiring a good or a service, afterwards setting the product specification would be the right thing to do by deciding on and specify the best technical product characteristics’ for the new B product, moreover, they should do a value analysis in which components are studied carefully to determine whether they can be redesigned, standardized or made by less costly methods of production, then they should search for suppliers in order to find the best vendors to process the product hat they have been developing the company for quite some time to introduce to the general public to compete with the new product, then they would do a proposal solicitation in which they offer the suppliers an opportunity to offer their best prices on the market to give a window of opportunity to B to select the best price between them, after selecting the best vendor they would do a order routine specification where write the final order with the chosen supplier(s), listing the technical specifications, quantity needed ,expected time of delivery, return policies and rainiest, and finally they would do a performance review to rate the product and decide whether to continue with the product or drop it. (Principles of marketing, Question 4: List the major influences on business buyer behavior. Why is it important for the BlackBerry business-to-business to understand these major influences? The influences on business buying behavior are as follows: 1. Environmental Economic Developments Supply Conditions Technological Change Political and Regulatory Developments Competitive Developments Cultural and Customs 2. Organizational Objectives Policies Procedures Organizational Structure Systems 3. Interpersonal Authority Status Empathy Persuasiveness 4. Individual Age Income Education Job Position Personality Risk Attitudes 5.

Buyers It is important for B to recognize these factors because they will affect the business either on the short run or on the long run especially the environmental values which contain the economic condition of the market, for example the economic crisis that happened in 2008 affected all types of businesses and caused massive damage on the Smartened market because people at that time were content with their phones attest phones in the market, the technological change also greatly affects black berry because as a Smartened developer they have to stay up to date with the current technology being developed specially for their competitors such as Apple or Samsung, Individual influences also affect B because the users income and Job position greatly affect the buying frequency of these users, moreover, age also has a good impact on the choice of product they might want to develop in the future, Organizational factors also affect B because if their objectives change then they loud need to change their phone development tactics to suit the change that has occurred, if the systems of the organization change then they might want to offer training for the employees to teach them how to use these new systems, if the organizational policies change it might cause a ripple effect that will affect internal stakeholders and external t the same time. (Principles of Marketing, P 247-250) Question 5: Describe in details the four major steps in designing a customer-driven marketing strategy for BlackBerry. In order for Blackberry to develop a successful marketing strategy it should follow our major steps, they should start by asking two questions, the first is who do we want to serve (our target market), the second question is how we can serve our customers to the best standards (Value Proposition).

In order to select the target market The organization must first decide who it will serve, to do this it must start dividing the market into segments of customers ( market segmentation ) and selecting which segment will go after ( Target Marketing ) , some people think of marketing management as finding as many customers as possible and increasing emend , But marketing managers know that they cannot serve all customers in every way, The organization must also decide how it will serve target customers , how it will differentiate and position itself in the marketplace , a company’s value proposition is the set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to customers to satisfy their needs , Such value proposition differentiate one brand from another they competitor’s ?

Moreover, they must adopt a marketing management orientation by focusing on one of the marketing concepts which are the production concept which means nonusers will favor affordable products, the product concept which means consumers will favor products that offer quality, performance, and innovative features, or the selling concepts which means that consumers will not buy enough of the product unless a large scale selling technique is implemented to sell the product(Hard Selling), and finally the marketing concept in which it depends on knowing the needs and wants of the target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction better and more efficiently that competitors do.

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