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Alton towers costs i?? 36. 00 for one adult ticket, so when you purchase the ticket you expect to get value for money which is different for different people, one persons value for money might be fun for the whole family (adults, children and teenagers) another persons value for money might be to visit every ride in the theme park twice.

So Alton towers needs to take in consideration that everyone’s value for money is different but cannot lower there prices to low due to competitive organisations and the annual funding needed to keep the park open, so what Alton towers have done is printed off booklets informing people of the prices and opening times of the theme park, height restrictions on rides seasonal times (the time of year that the park is most popular) online information and website from this booklet people can see.

Consistency and accuracy of the park If customer receive a good amount of customer service while at Alton towers and this continues each time it encourages people to revisit again and again, Alton towers is forever trying to improve its standard of customer service and rides to make it more enjoyable for people, they are now trying to improve the waiting lines so that rides are easier to access and the lines go down quicker. Accessibility

Alton towers have a very good accessibility due to the high amounts of people arriving and departing from the park. Alton towers has increased there car parks so that they can now hold up to 50,000 vehicles a day if the accessibility is bad then customers will assume that it is like this all around the park, there are also ramps to help people who cannot walk up steps or are in a wheelchair, rides also let wheel chair users access the ride from the exits which are also ramped so that access is more easier.

Reliability If Alton towers is unreliable then people are influenced to try another theme park. But Alton towers is not unreliable this is what attracts customers to come back, they keep there internet and brochures up-to-date and let customers know what is going on around the park this is reliable because if they where closed one day and they didn’t advertise it lots of people would still turn up at the theme park expecting to get in.

Staff At Alton towers they employ the best staff that are trained to deal with the high expected levels of customer service, staff all where a uniform this to ensure that they remain clean and recognized Alton towers also employs over 1500 members of staff and they are all divided to work over different areas of the park to help with customers. In busy periods e. g. over the summer Alton towers employs more ‘casual staff’ that can handle high amounts of customers and that can deal with them in an appropriate manner Health and safety.

If the health and safety of the park is poor the customers will not visit again but if the high standards are noticeable then they will enjoy there visit a lot more, at Alton towers rides have regular maintenance checks and are run in the morning before the park opens to ensure that there are no faults.

Cleanliness and hygiene The cleanliness and hygiene standards of Alton towers is essential if the park looks unclean this gives a really bad first impression when the customer see it , the park has been given hundreds of bins, there are also designated litter pickers that patrol the park every 15 minutes, toilets that are all around the park are monitored every 40 minutes to ensure they remain clean and tidy.

Enjoyment The main objective at Alton towers is to make everyone’s day (who visits the park) as enjoyable as possible, they do this by trying to get lines and queues down as quick as possible, offering people fast track system so the can skip the queues, more fast food restaurants are being introduced this will help to reduce the overall queue times.

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