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When customers shop at Tesco, when paying for their goods, the counter clerk swipes through the clubcard. Over time, points are accumulated on the card and can later be redeemed against items in the Tesco stores. Once enough points have been accumulated, clubcard vouchers are sent to potential customers at their mailing address. These vouchers are then taken into Tesco stores and used to purchase products up to the value of the voucher.

The advantage of having a Tesco clubcard is that it costs absolutely nothing for the customer to have, and at the same time, after collecting points, is able to use those points to purchase products in the store, with no cost to the customer. Tesco main aim to ensure that customers are able to buy good quality products, at a reasonable and affordable price. It is essential for Tesco to do so in order to be a market leader and to be successful and profitable in today’s competitive environment. Through the use of the Internet, I was able to gain some information about the opinions the general public have about Tesco. These sources have nothing to do with Tesco; rather they are opinions of individuals.

A message to those moaning about TESCO This article was written by an Action Network user. By Luke Spence “Firstly I do not work for TESCO; in fact I don’t work in retail at all” He has noticed that many people moan about supermarkets, but more specifically Tesco is successful because they know how to satisfy their customers. In his opinion people feel that TESCO have a monopoly on food retail in the UK. This is surely not the case. We all know that Tesco is successful because they provide the products and services, which customers want.

In Luke Spence opinion he said that “he can see that why many would like to encourage shoppers to use small local shops, but in reality, it is not practical for most, think about it: 1) “In the cold British winter, who can be bothered trawling between shops on the high street, when you can get it all under one roof. 2) Due to the buying power of supermarkets they can offer better pricing, which does not indicate lower quality, as many suggest” In my view he is telling the facts about the Tesco. Tesco is the store, which is providing everything from groceries to electrical goods. I personally have observed Tesco is providing the best possible service then its competitors.

Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco said recently: Tesco success depends on their people. The people who work with us and the people who shop with us again and again. The reason why he is saying this that because he knows that without the support and determination of staff, Tesco would not be where it is today.The UK, s biggest supermarket Tesco says: “It will launch its own mobile phone service in the New Year”.


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