Preparing for Employment

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1. There should be a staffing plan for any company 2. When a vacancy arises for whatever reason, the impact of the vacancy should be considered against the staffing plan. 3. There may be an opportunity to move staff into different positions better suited to company needs 4. Sometimes major restructuring takes place without a vacancy having arisen, due to changes in the business or economic circumstances of the company, for example a takeover of another company or a major economic downturn.

Job descriptions A job description is a general statement explaining the purpose, duties and responsibilities of a job. It should include the following: 1. Job title and department 2. Job purpose- the main duties of the role 3. Responsibilities – to whom the job holder is responsible, and all the responsibilities of the post 4. Physical conditions – where the work is performed, the hours, any hazards or special conditions 5. Social conditions – in teams, with client, or alone 6. Economic conditions – salary range, commissions, bonuses, pension, sick pay 7. Prospects for promotion and training. 8. Date it was written – this is important because duties and responsibilities may change over times.

Person specifications

A person specification is used to match the right person to the job. It describes a desirable personal attributes of the job holders. It is usually based on a seven-point plan which includes: 1. Physical make-up – does the job require any special physical characteristics such as strength, good eyesight or height? 2. Attainments – what type of education is needed? What special occupational experience or training is required? 3. Intelligence – how much general intelligence should be evident? 4. Special aptitudes – is a skill in writing or drawing needed? Does the applicant need o be reliable or hard working? 5. Circumstances – does the applicant need o be mobile? Does he or she have to travel away from home? 6. Interests


Advertising is used to find suitable candidates. There are many possible locations for placing advertising. The most important consideration is reaching the right people, but cost must also be taken into account. The following could be used:  1. Job centre – usually used to recruit unskilled or semi-skilled staff. As the department for education and employment provides the service which is free. Job centres will also pre-interview for the company. 2. press – local press is ideal for local companies 3. Radio – frequently used for recruitment; more suitable for local jobs. 4. ‘Milk round’- companies visit universities searching for suitable graduated applicants. 5. Internet – on their own websites or through specialist recruitment sites. 6. Recruitment agencies – general or specialist. There are specialist travel and tourism agencies. To fill a permanent position, the agency charges a percentage of the annual salary for the post, so they are expensive.


When companies send their recruitment team to venues in major cities to undertake a recruitment drive and it is often called a roadshow. They advertise their presence locally and potential applicant turn up and find out about career opportunities with that company. ‘The milk round’ is a particular type of roadshows when companies travel to universities in an attempt to recruit students who are about to graduate.

Recruitment agencies

There are organisations who earn their income by charging a fee to companies for undertaking their recruitment for them. Some are specialist companies. An example of a recruitment agency specialising in travel and tourism is Holiday Resort Jobs, and they have an online resort jobs directory.

Short-listing applications

The initial methods of selection involve comparing applications to the job specification and person specification. A list of essential criteria may be used, which will result in many applications being rejected by the organisation. At Canvas Holidays an interview checklist is used to help decide who should be short listed. Essential recruitments include availability, a bank account, and experience (which should involve working with the public), experience of overseas travel or camping. Desirable recruitments include a language and experience of working with children.


If a person is successful at interview then they can expect to receive a letter which constitutes an offer of employment. This is followed by a contract which lays out the terms and conditions of employment and it will include details such as: A contract is an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do, or refrain from doing, an act, which resulting contract is enforceable in a court of law. It is a binding legal agreement. The contract lays out the terms and conditions of employment and it will include details such as.



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