Preparation for selling

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Product knowledge is very important to an employee as this will help with preparation for selling. For example if a customer comes into a shop they will be expecting the employee who’s serving them to have knowledge of the product as if they cannot answer the questions and talk about the product and its benefits they could lose that customer and will be known as a terrible organisation as they cannot train, provide information to employees to provide to customers.

It’s is vital that employee realises a customer’s needs whilst helping them. For example a customer comes in a store to buy a computer but they are not sure what sort of computer is appropriate for them it is a job for an employee to recognize and sell something appropriate. Example a customer may want to buy a computer which has everything like good hard drive, memory, big screen and which is easy to use and good quality; therefore employee should find suitable one for them. Rather than suggesting any computer saying it good just to get the sales done and that’s not what a customer is looking for.

Their are lots of key areas where member of staff will think about whilst preparing for selling. For example prepare physical environment, recognize potential customers, gain product knowledge, know objectives to achieve, recognize how to approach a potential customer for example giving them space to wonder around. Clarifying pricing issues for example is this product mark down or in offers like buy one get one free tags etc.

Their are lots of types of ways to sell one of is known as cold calling the reason this called cold calling is because the customer who is being contacted by an individual or an organisation has never being in contact with them before, an example of cold calling would be calling from outer county using the phone asking if they would like to buy a product etc.

This leads to following up a lead. The employee who is cold calling will try to arrange a meeting with the customer after he has measured all windows and doors. Following up a lead means when a customer is sent information about the cost and types or doors and windows they could have if they want to proceed with the deal. The information can be sent to the customer by post or they can speak to each other face to face contact where an employee representing the company will speak face to face and discuss prices and any other issues.

In business there are functional areas which contain departments. Every department is responsible for particular needs of the organisation. In a business there department such as finance, sale, marketing, administration, human resource, customer service, production, purchasing and research & development.


The Finance department is responsible for the monitoring of systems and procedures to ensure costs correspond to revenue, accruals, journal entries, profit contribution and information systems, while establishing and maintaining internal control procedures for each of these areas. The Finance Department prepares internal/external financial reports, budgets, and forecasts and oversees the processing of payroll and accounts payable.

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