Prenatal Development

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Methods of Childbirth ; Natural of Prepared Childbirth – Blood flow to the uterus is – Designed to reduce pain and medical intervention ; Caesarian Delivery ; Delivery with Medication – Analgesia: used to relieve pain – Anesthesia: block sensation in an area or block consciousness – Systolic: stimulates contractions Assessing the Newborn ; Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale – Performed 24 to 36 hours after birth – Assesses neurological development, reflexes, and reactions to people ; PAGE scale – Evaluates infant’s hear rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, body color, reflex irritability

Reflexes ; Neonatal reflexes or primitive reflexes are the inborn behavioral patterns that develop during uterine life. ; Essential for a newborn’s survival immediately after birth. Retirees are not learn De; they are involuntary and necessary tort survival. Eye blink reflex Rooting reflex Sucking reflex Swimming reflex Moor reflex Palmary grasp Tonic neck reflex Stepping reflex Banking reflex The Importance of Prenatal Care ; Why do you think prenatal care is important? ; What are the different ways/means of caring for the pregnant woman and the child in her womb?

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