Possible Knee Surgery for Red Sox Second Baseman Pedroia

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Wednesday night, June 8 at the Yankee Stadium, the Boston Red Sox won over the New York Yankees at 11-6, finishing with six consecutive wins and moving up to 1st place of the American League East. However, it is not all good news for the BoSox.

Dustin Pedroia, the team’s second baseman will return to Boston this Thursday to undergo a medical examination on his right knee. This will be conducted by Tom Gill, the medical director of Red Sox. Pedroia suffered an injury on May 16 during the game’s first play wherein he made a bad landing on his right knee while he was fielding the ball batted by Oriole’s Brian Roberts from Red Sox’s pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Pedroia said, “I banged it hard and it has been bothering me ever since.”

The news about Pedroia’s health concern was first reported by the Boston Globe and was later on confirmed by the Boston team. The procedure will be conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital. According to the illustration given in determining the severity of damage on his knee, a camera attached to a needle will be used. The report even stated that the second baseman will possibly undergo surgery that could put him on the disabled list for one month.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Pedroia stated, “It could keep me out a month.” He then expressed his regret about the whole deal but still realistic about what needs to be done. He said, “It’s not what I want, but I have to get it checked out.”

He went on to admit that it had been bothering him to a huge extent.

This season, Pedroia obviously hasn’t been in his best playing form. It was understood that the reason for his holding up in offensive performance is his recent recovery from a left foot injury. He was not able to play for more or less the whole second half of last year’s baseball season after undergoing an ankle surgery. But right now, it looks like the pain he is enduring on his right knee could be the cause of his less-stellar performance and have added to his struggles on the field.

He then acknowledged that this indeed is brought about by his recently operated left foot and the pain on his right knee. He is now hitting a batting average of .247, 11 RBI and two home runs since he got injured. Before making the resolution to go back to Boston, he set out 1 for 3 against the Yankees. “It’s hard to hit when something is wrong with your legs,” Pedroia said. “I’ve been trying.”

If Dustin Pedroia indeed qualifies to be included in the Disabled List, it’s going to be bad news for the Red Sox. If he is going to be on LOA for a month or more, BoSox Manager Terry Francona will have two options: the first is to play Marco Scutaro as second baseman since he had only just been replaced by shortstop Jed Lowrie who got off the DL last Tuesday; the second option would be to get Drew Sutton or Class AAA Pawtucket’s shortstop rookie Jose Iglesias.

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