Possible advertisings schemes for Maqsoods

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Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of possible advertising schemes. I would recommend Maqsoods to use Radio and the Internet as major advertising schemes. As you can see from the chart below that 50% of the customers prefer radio as their main choice of advertising, 37% think the Internet and 13% prefer local newspapers and posters. Therefore I would recommend Maqsoods to use radio and Internet as two first choices. But I wouldn’t write news and posters off because 13% of customers prefer that. Hence Maqsoods should advertise on them but first choices should be given priority.

Additional avenues for business promotions include: Press releases. These can inform the community, newspapers and clients about Maqsoods. The expense can be calculated by adding the price of paper supplies and the cost for distribution, whether it is the mail or the Internet. Wall of award, awards and other accomplishments should be posted in the shop. Yellow page ads. When it comes to the basics, a business of this nature must be in the local yellow pages. A lot of business can come from there. Newspaper insert. Unlike an advertisement that is displayed on a publication’s pages, an insert is separate from a newspaper. It features only information about the Maqsoods and often is placed between news sections or in the center of the paper. In many instances, Maqsoods can elect to send the insert to certain roads s within the newspaper’s circulation they are not obligated to advertise to an entire readership.

Friendly with Community  From sponsoring a youth sports team to donating services to an organization’s fund-raising events, supporting the community will promote further name recognition. It will also put the business in good standing with area residents.

Can use every opportunity to join local chambers of commerce and become involved in the community. When he becomes a member of community affiliations, he can promote and support by hanging plaques and signs in your lobby. Additional opportunities for community involvement include donations to schools and children’s programs or volunteering for community groups and events.

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