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Would a sports construction company be successful across South-East England? Introduction I have been asked to identify, study and analyse a business opportunity or idea in a local context. The section of business I have chosen to follow is in the construction business; construction of sports surfaces and tennis courts across South-East England. First Ideas Originally my first thoughts of starting up a business were way off construction. I first wanted to create a business which involves making of websites for businesses across Great Britain. The reason I changed my mind is for many reasons.

One of the main reasons was because have a website making company, you cannot base yourself in one particular area as the market has a wider range for a company. With this information I then decided that I did not want to start a website building company as more detail would be needed to successfully establish a business of such type and I had never the information or materials provided to do such a thing. After more thought, I then decided that I would create a business based in South-East England which was more locally based and which market is not increasingly growing very rapidly.

I want to create a business with consists of a main head office which has several computers and secretaries. To have several gangs in which work for the business and each gang consists of lots of members. Each gang has a main leader which gives orders to each member and they pay their workers wages. We pay the gangs leaders but provide them and their workers with the tools needed to produce what is expected. With starting up a construction company, you will need many suppliers which provide you with the materials and tools needed to produce sports surfaces.

Most of the tools will be hired in order to save money. A company website will need to be made in order to acquire more customers. Advertisement schemes are also a big must. Having adds in the yellow pages, radio or maybe even on television adverts. Company cars for all workers which consist of the company’s logo, telephone number, website address, the company’s outline and a fax number for extra. The office must have enough room for enough people to move around freely with lots of space. Hours for the workers will be varied depending on what needs to be done.

Hours for the secretaries will be the same every day of the week and time off is allowed on certain circumstances, and holidays are given to each member of the business. Bank accounts are to be set up before the business is in action, bank loans are one of our first objectives and so most of our income will go towards paying back bank loans. The Surroundings The business will be set up by me by firstly approaching banks with my business plan and what I will need to establish the business. If I can guarantee to the bank managers that I can produce a successful business then I can take out bank loans in order to start the business.

Then once with the bank loans I will then look for a place to base my head office. I am currently living in Maldon and so a head office near by is more suitable. In case of an emergency or any of un-fortunate circumstance I will then be able to get there as soon as possible; having the business nearer to home means easier access as well. In Maldon there are many industrial sites in which have separate units for different companies. I wish to find a unit for hire and then set up the business from there.

I will turn it into a room which consists of computers, furniture and lots of paperwork and files. From here all the accounts will be sorted by the secretaries, invoices, filing, info packs, etc. Name of business This was the hardest part of setting up the business. I needed a name which represented construction of sports surfaces, but still was small, effective, and bold. I came up with W. C. Sports basically meant, Wells Construction of Sports Surfaces. The name is short, represents some sort of sport reference and had a name which referred to me.

All I need next was a logo but this is going to be made later with external help. Description of business W. C. Sports will be a sports surfaces construction company which produces many different types of sports surfaces. For example, tennis courts, Astroturf pitches, hockey pitches, etc. A different choice of colouring is always important. So with different surfaces and different colour choices you can give you customer a custom made sport surface which meets his/her requirement(s). The more options you give them the better as they can have many different choices.

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