Poor Presentations in Business-Dealing with the Mess

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Business presentation is an activity that could not be done away with in the field of organizational progress in the business industries. However, although this is considered the most important part of business progress, many still loose track as to how they should actually act upon the said process of conveying their ideas through the presentations that they are supposed to feature in front of the administrational personnel and colleagues at work.

Understandably, the works of each individual as to how he is to present his ideas to the public would not only depend on the knowledge of the presentor but also on the manner by which he would deliver his major ideas. Considerably, many have failed in this aspect of the matter. Many are considerably dealing with the dilemma of not being able to convey to their audience what they actually ought to send them. Certain issues of personal as well as social reservations usually get some presenters the fear that they did not actually expected to feel while they were still preparing for their presentations.

Being nervous is at times a problem as well. These major issues though could be dealt with in a perfect way through the use of strategic approach in handling the said situations that presenters are supposed to handle with. With the involvement of the administrators of the organizations, the presenters are to be effectively assisted towards the successive procedures that they are supposed to take into consideration while they are in front of the public handling the information that they are supposed to share with their audiences. Understanding the Issues

Employees are people. This idea goes along with the fact that individuals who are expected to handle presentations are also humans who have feelings and thus have the right to have nervous feelings before a huge event in their lives or even just a feature presentation that they are supposed to handle in front of many listeners. Understandably though, it should also occur on the part of these individuals that their presentation counts so much on the progress of whatever information they are going to share to their target audiences.

The following diagram shall present the different aspects of challenges that presenters are usually experiencing with the reporting activities that they are supposed to handle within their organization: DIAGRAM 1: Four Sources of Presentation Incompetence Diagram Explanation The diagram herein further points out a more effective way of presenting the different issues of personal difficulties that business presenters are undergoing every time they face their audiences.

With these aspects in focus, it could be expected that the leaders of the said presenters are to be well aware of how they are supposed to handle the said cases of presentations in front of their supposed audiences. Dealing with the Issues on Communication Globalization have opened the ways by which people tend to re-invent themselves as they tend to continue in making it possible for them to allow themselves the chance of progressing as individuals who are trying to compete with the progress of the entire society (Bonvillain, 2002, 32).

Most likely, it could be observed that through the systems used in global connection, there is a certain identification of the issue that primarily affects the human progress in connection with the communication progress that happens between people of different races in the society. As mentioned earlier, globalization movement affects most of the activities of the human society today. As a result, communication too is being dreadfully affected by the said cultural interconnection between different countries around the world (Zanger, 1993, 21).

The ways by which people try to instill a fine bond between themselves for the sake of establishing an effective way of communicating outside the country have been noted to have a strong effect with the way the people begin to realize the fact that there is a need for understanding cultural diversity for the sake of establishing fine relationship between people of the different countries around the world.

To be able to understand the role of communication in this particular global situation, this paper shall instill the values and the elements that include communication as either the connector or link between people or the breaking factor among humans in the global society. Communication: The Key to Understanding or Breakage? Communication through written or oral procedure both affects the present global connection of people around the world.

It has been noticed that both procedures of communicating across the regions of the earth have been used by many people to be able to connect themselves with the systems that are recurring in the other countries. The motive behind the said connections could be identified as for business or political connections (Keyton, 2004, 32). For many years, communication has served as the best way of connecting people from different races.

However, today, communication is at some point viewed as one of the largest hindrances that people particularly need to deal with when they are trying to make connections with those form other countries possessing other cultural divisions (Lull, 2000, 24). How is this possible? As known to many, there are hundreds and thousands of different dialects around the globe. Most of these dialects serve as the mother tongue of the people who are further able to progress in their lives and thus afford to move to other countries later on.

It could not be denied that as they transfer to other countries, they still carry with them their mother tongue. Hence, the tone, the rhythm of the speech, the strength of the language and the terms used by the said people in using a foreign language would actually be based upon their own understanding of the grammar of the language in connection with their own language’s grammar arrangement. Hence, as a result, the conversation procedure may not come out as furnished as it should be compared to someone native of the land who would be speaking the language (Samovar, 2006, 54).

This particular situation then aggravates the fact that language at times makes it harder for people to reconnect with each other because of the differences that each culture has against each other. How could this be proven? The diagram that follows shall introduce how a particular presentation should be decided upon. This shall make the discussion more focused as to what the issue being addressed herein is.

As observed from the previous details, culture becomes a primary reason why some presenters loose the courage to handle their responsibilities in front of the public. The elemental factors presented below shall make the most significant clarification in this study as to how the environment of a person directly affect both his communication and interpersonal skills that could directly affect the way by which he handles the presentations that he needs to take responsibility of.

DIAGRAM 2: The Different Aspects of Personality and Behavior Obviously, the map of social and personal aspects particularly show how the system of internal and external effect affects the behavior of one person and the process by which he handles the responsibilities given to him in his profession or career that includes presentations that need to be dealt with time and again.

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