Political Parties Variations

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The paper discussed the many variations of political parties, there are so many descriptions of the political parties of the west. Some of the classification of political parties includes wide membership and some are restricted to a certain class in society for example those people who are in the working class tends to join the labor party or a revolutionary party who advocates the violent overthrow of the government. Some political party also advocates the rights of the ethnic minorities of a certain country. Other political parties were primarily focusing which concerns about the environmental changes of their country.

We all know that some political parties have many members because the party is using the institutions such as the government in order to control the people, the people were required to join the party because if they did not do so they may experience problems which concerns about their civil rights and political rights. The use of mass media contributes to the increase of member in political parties because the party utilized radio, television, megaphones and posters to encourage and to fuel the hearts of the people. This system was widely practiced by the fascist regime before.

There are so many kinds of parties and this are elite based parties, mass based parties, ethnicity based, electoral parties and movement parties. We may consider useless discussing these different kinds of parties when it comes to Philippines context because if we are going to observe and analyze the parties in most of the third world countries, it is always the elite parties who won in general elections because the elite has all the resources to consolidate their power first within their own territory and eventually to the national level then they will use all means to hold to on to power.

If we are going to say that they are using Machiavellian principles then I believe they are doing it perfectly well, they used coercion, deception and assassination to hold on their power and to expand their political power. Although the communist parties during the mid sixties or seventies achieved major successes in some parts of the world by removing the elite system on that particular country, but I believe nowadays the communist parties were outlawed and their rebellions will eventually fail because of lack of support and disunity among them.

One factor which contributes to the fall of communism is the spread of democratic ideals throughout the world, according to Mr. Fukuyama on his work the end of ideology, democracy is now the major ideology in the world and other ideologies now were disappearing. The ultra nationalist party as we all know or the fascist parties who prioritized country above self, is now gone ever since its defeat in world war two although there are some ultra nationalist parties in some parts of the world, but they pose little threat or achieving success on their elections.

The fundamentalist party I believe only achieved success in traditional societies wherein the mindset of the people submits itself readily to a powerful authority, the fundamentalist were very close minded and always sticking to tradition, all I can say is that they will never succeed in fast progressing and liberal countries. The ethnic based party, is only composed of maltreated tribesmen who happened to have a college education, I believe their struggle is fruitless because they will only be crushed by the elites who maltreated them. Read about similarities between federalists and democratic-republicans

The ethnic tribes suffered from ancestral land loss and other maltreatment that is why they form a party of their own to protect their interest. The ideology of a certain party, their philosophies, their chosen representatives and style of organizing can be subjected to changes because if they did not do so they will lose the support coming from the people and if they lose the support they will not have the chance to win the election. The political parties must evolve which means they must adapt to changes in the society they must know what the people wanted from them.

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