Player Positions In Softball

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A total of 9 players are on the field at any given point in time in the game of softball. Though most of the times, ball primarily remains with the pitcher and the catcher but there are specific roles played by members of each of the teams. The pitcher, catcher, shortstop, the first, second and third batsman generally take the positions in the infield. The team members who take the positions in the outfield are the left fielder, the right fielder and the center fielder. There is an extra outfielder in case of soft pitch softball who is also in the outfield. The specification of this outfielder is that of a rover. Under most of the circumstances, there will be a total of four outfielders with the defensive team.

The pitcher may be described as a player who throws the ball from the center of the mound of the pitch. This ball is generally thrown in the strike zone. Once a throw is made by the pitcher, the different fielders become alert in their positions so as to field the balls. Generally the players who are chosen as pitchers have flexible bodies, are tall in height and possess good strength in the upper part of their bodies.

The position taken by the catcher is always on the rear side of the hitter. A partial bend down position is occupied by him at the home plate. The role of the catcher is to ensure the recovery of pitches. These pitches are coming from the pitcher. Another role of the catcher is to throw the balls to the other bases with the objective of throwing out the runners. Catchers generally make use of their finger to give a clue regarding the next pitch. Most of the catchers think very fast, are strong and agile. These catchers are also known to possess very fast reflexes.

The position that is taken by the first baseman is generally on the left side of the first base. Then the prime role that is played by the first baseman is that he has to make sure that with all the balls that are hit towards the first base, the fielding plays are made. Another role played by the first baseman is that he also prevents any kind of steals that may happen from first to second base.

The player who plays in between the first baseman and the gap that is present at second is the second baseman. Another role played by the second baseman is that he makes throws directly to the catcher with the objective of preventing the runners from making any score.

The player who is responsible for fielding to all the balls hit between the two bases to the infield that is the second and third bases is termed as the Shortstop. A shortstop also plays a role in covering the second base. He is the player who also exhibits involvement in double plays, force plays, etc. These players may play in a restricted zone but they have to face a number of hits. There is a close interaction of these players with the second base, third base and the home plate.

All the hits to the third base are covered by the third baseman that is responsible for receiving the different balls from the outfield. The players who cover the grass behind the infield are termed as Outfielders. The plays made by the infielders are generally backed up by the Outfielders.

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