Plant information leaflet for the garden centre

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The output will be to double-sided A4 leaflet, which is well laid out on both sides. Information to be output. You will have to include all information about different sorts of plants, for example: Name of the plants, What seasons they are best growing in The colours of the plants, The opening hours, How to grow the plants, the logo of the company, the garden centres name, address and telephone number, opening hours, the range of products.

Input data needed to produce the output. 1.You will have to include pictures of the Agave Americana form the shared area. (Page 5) 2. Photos of the garden centre, facts about the Agave Americana from the shared area. (Page 5) 3. Details of the plants and their Latin names. 4.The address of the garden centre, telephone number and the name and logo from the shared area. (Page 5) 1. Desired outcomes and performance criteria.

I will ask myself some questions, which are: 1. Have I included all my pictures from the shared area? (Page 5) 2. Have I included the address, telephone number, name and logo of the garden centre? (Page 5) 3. Have I got in all the facts about the Agave Americana?(Page 5) 4. Have I included all the information about what the garden centre sell? (Page 6) 5. Have I written the write months with the right plants for when they are best at growing? (Page 5) 6. Have I put in all the correct opening times? (Page 6)


To test my the leaflet I will check it when it is finished and then analyse it to check whether I have included all my outcomes and performance criteria. I will make sure I have included all pictures that are needed. Problem 2 For problem 2 you have to design plant labels for the garden centre. Form of output The output will be labels about 5cm in height and 9cm in width, which are well laid out.

Information to be an output The output of information is to include the name of the garden centre, The Latin name of the plant, its height and width when it’s final height. The flowering period of when the plant best grows. The price of the plant and the name of the plant must be in Italics. Input data needed to produce the output You will have to include a picture of the plant, The name of the garden centre (THE PLANT HOUSE GARDEN CENTER), all the Information of the plant. The garden centre’s logo and a colourful border around the edge. ( Page 6)

Desired outcomes and performance criteria Some of the questions I will ask myself are: 1. Have I included all information on the plant including the business card all about the plants? ( Page 6) 2. Have I added the logo of the garden centre onto my label? ( Page 6) 3. Have I included at the top of my label the mane of the garden centre? ( Page 6) 4. Is the Latin plant name in Italics? ( Page 5)

5. Does it have colourful border? Testinge can check the labels for all the information above and making sure we check the system by making winter labels and checking we get the right plants. Problem 3 Problem 3 is to calculate the prices on pond kits. Form of output The output will be to set up a system that is easy to change. nformation to be output

You will have to include the length, depth and width of the pond, the size of the pond liner, the number of decorative plant packs, the number of bunches, the cost of the pond liner, cost of the under liner, water lilies, fountain prices and the pond cost calculations. The customers name needs to be added and the final prices of the items.

Input data needed to produce the output You need to include the system that measures to the nearest centimetre; you need to include Jo’s calculations and rules. You could include some pictures of the things for sale for example: a fountain, pond liner, waters Lilly’s and plant bunches. The system needs to be able to answer questions. Desired outcomes and performance criteria The kind of questions I would ask myself are : 1. Have I included the measurements of the pond kits? ( Page 11)

2. I have included the name of the person? ( Page 10 & 11) 3. Include the pictures that link to the right place from the shared area? ( Page 11) 4. Have I included JO’s rules and calculations on the ponds width, height and length? ( Page 11) Has the system been able to answer all of my questions? ( Pages 10, 11 ; 12) Testing I can test my system by using the example provided in the book. I can also change some of the numbers. Problem 4 is to design a webpage and four other pages. Form of output The form of output is to have screen displays of the website and the HTML code that was used to make this page.

Information to be output The information to be outputed is to include what the garden sells, the name, address, telephone number, postcode, The best plants to buy for which season, the logo of the company, pictures of the garden centre and the pictures of the plants and pond kits. Input data needed to produce the output I need to split up the web pages, A page for the plants, a page for the pond kits, the Latin names of the plant (in italics), all the pages need to be linked back to the homepage, A picture on each page, have words and pictures to link the pages, prices of plants and the pond kits and the homepage will have to include the name of the garden centre and logo, address, telephone, postcode and a picture of the garden centre.

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