Planing your own business

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Gerald will be hopefully taking care of the finance and some of admin work. As his strength show that Gerald is good hard worker. Gerald’s can take responsibility on his work and can communicate with customers, but he is board by doing lot of papers work. He is also a fast typist, but he gets board of lots of paper work. Opportunities  There is wide range of opportunities in this business as in 2006/07, over 30% people are moved. People buy, sell and rent their properties. Slough is becoming a part of London, because of people work. People from other places like reading are moving to Slough because they can’t effort to live in that life style. They buy properties in slough because it’s cheap and near to Heathrow, West London and M4. When people buy or sell property its price goes up, so we can easily make profit in this business.


The threats of our business are not enough experience about the selling and buying property. Another threat could have lake of money. Another threat could be not enough time to contribute to our partnership. People in the organisation need to be able to carrying on their tasks get knowledge from reading books, journals and rival agencies leaflets. Another threat is lack of advertisement which could put us out of business because customers don’t know what we offering them.

Benefits of running a business:

There are many benefits of this business. The main benefit is to make profit. If I was a sole trader this business is easy for me to control. I will be earning more money than I would do by job. When being by self employed, I won’t be under pressure and I will have all profit. I will do my own decision, solve my own problems and aware of my own business. I will increase my profit by investing money in my own organisation. I will make enough to live on. Just like small business mans they work 4 to 5 days a week. I will provide work to my family members because I trust them. I want to get rich and to achieve my targets I have to work hard.

No boss means, no petty rules, no asking permission to visit the dentist and the freedom to set my own goals. There are lots of insurance products out there that can provide me with a financial safety net. Long term sickness or my sudden death need not mean poverty for my family. I can take off as much time as I can, and where ever I want. I can adapt quickly to new opportunity. I can improve my lot through my own efforts. I can grow in my profession at a speed that I can set and in a direction that suits me. However as I am trying to set up a partnership but some of there ideas would come true. I will have to share profit, can’t be able to take all the decisions myself which I might find difficult.

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