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Planning, Organisation and Control of Resources Planning and Organisational Roles The Contract Preparation The contract forms the foundation for a productive relationship built on communication and trust. The first thing that needs to be established is a definition of what is to be provided and the requirements to be met. Everything in the tender action is signed by the parties and has a break down of all the costs involved, test plans, alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADR) for any matters which need a third party to resolve disputes, invoicing arrangements, communication routes which are usually split into three, operational, business and strategic.

Also which has to be included is the contract management which is the process ensuring both parties to a contract that fully meets their respective obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible, in order to meet the business and operational objectives required from the contract and in particular to provide value for money. If any subcontractors and suppliers are used these must also be listed.

Construction Pre-planning Pre construction is where projects are developed from design through to the start of construction on site. The roles include design co-ordination, estimating, planning and procurement, as well as extending to include the sales, marketing, legal and financial aspects. The output of pre construction is usually in the form of tenders or proposals to clients, detailing cost and value, time and design proposals, with the addition of legal submissions and financial proposals if required.

The pre construction process ranges in its depth and complexity depending on the scale of a particular project. Traditional tendering is still very widely used, on simple one off projects. For these the pre construction input often takes place within a time frame of four week or less. With the growth of design and build and PFI forms of procurement however, the pre construction period can take many months and require contractors to employ large multi skilled teams to ensure that all the client’s needs are met.

Construction Control This is the phase where most of the work happens. There is a lot of activity with many vendors working simultaneously and hopefully agreeably. During this phase, someone needs to be representing the tenant at the weekly job meetings and providing overall project direction and leadership. The following is a list of some of the services we offer to manage this process.

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