Pioneer brand project

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction & Background

According to main of this report, The Last Chance Corporation want to developed and marketed the new brand for male casual footwear, namely Pioneer, within Australian market. They require the information about branding strategy as a marketing plan to introduce the new product plus advice and reasoning in all aspects of the marketing and brand’s development. Thus, this report consist of significant key issues for branding the new product and relevant theories such as discussion of product and brand hierarchy, brand elements, brand equity, brand pyramid, product positioning, marketing mix, brand association, brand communication strategy, brand mantra also, providing the market research, limitation and recommendation with solid reasoning.

Pioneer is a brand of professional shoe which target people who are looking for excellent functional and performance of the product. The firm will target the professional males who are 30-40 years old with high income earners and set high price to build high quality brand image. Moreover, the high price high quality also help the firm to increases the customer perceived value of its product. In terms of distribution, Pioneer professional casual shoe will placed in high end retailers and also create their own store to fully display the product.

3. Product and Brand Hierarchy

Pioneer Casual Footwear

Apparel, accessories and shoes are the items which are tremendously fashionable with the shoppers around the world. Therefore, Last Chance agrees to launch three main products of footwear to Australian market as “product like anything that can be offered to a market to grape attention, for acquisition, use or consumption that might address buyers’ wants or needs” (Kotler et al, 2007, p.386). In fact, there are many brands the consumers can choose from that are why new footwear brands do not have to fear to take on the footwear market.

Footwear is part of clothes and fashion industry which has two different levels of needs. First need, they are just necessities for those who buy them to satisfy their basic physical needs. For others, it’s a totally different thing. Shoes with famous and high positioned brand will absolutely let their wearers feel different. Some consumers believe that footwear of high end brand will contribute to their feeling of healthy walk, safer and can make them more confident.

Based on our primary and secondary data, the two major factors that influence consumers’ preference are: performance and looks (92%) while other actors are brand preference (91%) and good product selection (87%) (Leand, 2000). Also, men have different requirements for life style and living standard comparing to women. Males are concerned about the quality, performance and shape. Accordingly, men are more willing to buy without much doubt or hesitations to purchase products with good quality of new brands that satisfy their needs which are available in Pioneer casual shoes.

To help Last chance to highlight the range of products and sold brands, brand hierarchy is useful aspect to manage that. According to Keller (2008, p446); it is a useful tool of geographically portraying a company’s brand strategy by showing the common nature and brand elements of the firms’ products which exposed the clear ordering of brand elements. Therefore, “Last Chance” has classified three main categories of footwear that may address need of consumers differently. Firstly, there is casual footwear that suitable for those who are looking to get better freedom and relax on walking. Second group of footwear products are sport sandals, which suitable for teenagers and walkers people in the summer. Finally, formal shoes which suitable for elder people and businessmen. Each brand category has a dominant on its respective product category within Last Chance Footwear division.

All of three main of Shoes product fulfills different need and want of consumers. Therefore, different style of shoes can serve different need of consumers. Individually, Pioneer casual shoes also are addressing three different needs. Firstly, the city walks which are light weight stylish casual shoes. Secondly, the Holiday Shoes which is a casual shoe with sport and shiny sunny colors touches to be used also as for holydays and beaches shoes. Finally, the smart casual shoes which is for those who are wearing smart casual and looking for something a bit close to the formal shoes but in informal sense. All these three are under the brand name of Pioneer Shoes.

4. The Brand Equity

a. Pioneer Brand Elements

“Last Chance” aware of the important of brand element that will make consumers know more about Pioneer casual footwear products because “Brand elements are those trademark able devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand” The main brand elements are brand names, URLs, logos, symbols, characters, spokespeople, slogans, jingles, packages, and signage (Keller L., 2008, p. 140). Pioneer designs six criteria in choosing brand elements which are memorability, meaningfulness, likability, transferability, adaptability, and protectability are as below:

1) Memorability

Pioneer brand name is easily to recall and recognize since be a pioneer is part of our target consumers’ life and work attitude. Therefore, this name could lead to brand awareness in the future. Moreover, the slogan of Pioneer is “Pioneer leads you to be a pioneer” and that also relate consumer’s desire towards their business. Thus, it can contribute to brand equity easily as well (Keller L., 2008).

2) Meaningfulness

Pioneer represents the nature of the product category and attributes. It represents high quality and leader in the casual footwear market. What is more, the meaning of Pioneer can echo the meaning of product itself as well as targeting consumer’s characteristic.

3) Likability

Pioneer brand name and slogan represents imagery of a leader brand in footwear market. Because our targeting consumers are elites, they will be interested in a brand which has the same goals with them.

4) Transferability

Pioneer brand name is transferable as long as new products are seeking a leader position in the market. In the future, Pioneer can use this brand name to expand its products to international market because in the world, many people want and are a pioneer in their country. So, Pioneer brand name has no boundaries and market segment.

5) Adaptability

Pioneer can adapt and update its brand image, slogan or packaging to make it more modern if the company wants the brand to be more suitable to the market.

6) Protectability

Pioneer considers in legal protected on an international and defends trademarks from unauthorized competitors (Keller L., 2008). Pioneer makes a brand unique by offering special materials, design, and logo. Those are easily recognized by consumers, so it is not easily copied by their competitors.

Those main brand elements that characterized above are the following:

> Brand Name

“Pioneer” is the brand’s name. For presenting a new product’s spirit, brand name is of crucial importance. The core value of the product is being a leader in footwear market. Last Chance has ability to produce the best quality shoes to meet our target consumers’ demands. The product presents elite’s attitude towards their work or life– always be a pioneer. Pioneer conveys the product meaning and also communicates abstract considerations to consumers. Moreover, Pioneer is easy to pronounce and remember since Pioneer presents their life and work attitude.

> Brand Slogan

“Pioneer leads you to be a pioneer” will be our slogan. It represents an attitude towards people’s life. Good shoes can lead people go far and will not feel tired. Therefore, it can both present good shoes can lead you go far and get your goal, no matter in your personal life or your work.

> Logo

A logo could be a key source of equity. The color yellow is chosen because yellow represents sunny, vivid, alive image and, moreover, yellow has meaning of royal. It presents a positive and noble image. “P” logo with yellow color represents alive, positive and royal attitude.

> Packaging

Since Pioneer is high quality and price casual footwear, targeting on business man, the packaging can be an element to facilitate consumer’s desire of buying. Material of the bag is made of canvas with fashionable design. Using canvas material bag can prolong bag’s durability as well as respond one of Pioneer footwear’s characters- longwearing. When a buyer carries luxurious and fashionable bag, people can easily recognize the brand and that could fulfill the buyer’s sense of ego. Moreover, good design packaging can help consumer’s at-home storage which can add side benefit of buying this brand.

b. Pioneer Brand Pyramid

* Casual footwear salience: Pioneer casual footwear is the pioneer on relaxing lifestyle

* Performance: comfortable and durable product, pioneer footwear is fit to different condition

* Imagery: high level relax lifestyle

* Judgments: quality, credibility and superiority

* Resonance: loyalty

First step: we need create identity, we want to customer believe that Pioneer is the pioneer of the relaxing lifestyle.

Second step: the pioneer use ingredient branding strategy to create our brand image. Pioneer will corporate with Gore-Tex Company and Bridgestone Company. These companies provide the material to Pioneer, it not only increases product performance, but also enhances the brand image. Pioneer is easily to create association with product attributes such as comfortable and durable. In this process we also use selective media to create brand awareness and establish brand position in the consumers’ mind.

Third step: the goal of branding is influence the belief of consumer, when they wear our products it should feel happiness, sunshine and fun. They should judge our products are qualified and credible and superiority product.

At last, consumer will have brand loyalty to Pioneer.

c. Pioneer Brand Mantra

Brand function: the nature of brand Pioneer is relaxing lifestyle. When consumer wears product with our brand, they can feel comfortable in the different condition, such as driving, street walking. That means our brand benefit that Pioneer provides, is comfortable walking experience. Therefore, Pioneer brand function is walking experience.

Descriptive modifier: Pioneer provides the highest walking experience to people have relaxing lifestyle, the descriptive modifier should relate to “relax-er”.

Emotional modifier: Pioneer is for people wants to have high quality relaxing lifestyle and expects to have the highest performance casual footwear. Therefore, the emotional modifier should emphasis on enjoy. Enjoy is the purpose of the branding, it also represent our brand mean, because we want people to enjoy into the highest level relaxing lifestyle.


5. The Brand Position

Brand positioning is at the heart of marketing strategy (Keller 2008 p.98). Pioneer casual footwear emphasizes on people from big city, high income, and high social status. It is the act of designing the company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and place in the target customer’s minds” (Keller L., 2008. p.98). Due to Pioneer casual footwear target market on professional business man in Australia market, it is important to convey that Pioneer’s shoes equal high quality, positive life attitude, and good service to consumers.

Pioneer’s logo represents the product’s image and slogan conveys right perception to consumer’s mind. Furthermore, positioning of product is high quality casual footwear, and therefore, consumers can get the benefits from wearing comfortable and fashionable casual shoes. Point of difference associations (PODs) are attributes or benefits that consumers strongly associate with a brand, positively evaluate, and believe that they cannot find to the same extent with a competitive brand” (Keller L., 2008, p.107). Pioneer provides relax, comfortable, and noticeable AU brand casual footwear and these make Pioneer footwear different from other competitors in the market.

6. The Brand Association

a. Theoretical Framework on Brand Associations of Pioneer brand

Brand association is identified as the attitude, perception of brand quality towards brand (Keller et al., 1998). There are nine brand associations such as customer, product attributes, use application, user customer, celebrity, celebrity, lifestyle/personality, competitors and country of origin (Aaker, 1991). These associations can be used for differentiating the product from competitors’ products. The one of associations is customer which can be referred to customer satisfaction of product. It can also refer to the customer emotion relate to products (Aaker, 1991). Thus, the marketing team of Pioneer should create the customer perceived beneficial of Pioneer shoe. For example, customer emotional benefit is the feeling of comforts, high quality brand. These emotions can help customers in self-expression (Aaker, 1991).

The second association is product attributes which can be referred to characteristics of products. In relation to Pioneer products, the attributes itself is high quality casual shoe which looks professional and comforts, prestige. The third association is the use/applications; the marketing team of Pioneer shoe can be associated with businessman/woman in social settings or workplace settings. The fourth association is type of user/customer which is related to identify target group. For Pioneer product can be associated with people who are professional people who are looking for the functional and performance attributes.

Additionally, the celebrity can help in promoting brands in a number of associations with regards to performance, quality, and strength. However, the marketing team of Pioneer brand should consider the credibility of chosen celebrity who is famous male actor since it can affect to customer perceived value of product. In addition, lifestyles and personality can help marketers to understand customer perceived personality. In addition, competitor which is the significant factor to drive firms to innovate new products and enhance their standards and qualities of products and services (Kotler et al., 2007).

The last association is the country of origin, it is the marketing strategy that have to consider since customers tend to more aware of the country of origin. Since it can be referred to the quality such as the electronic goods which are made in Japan, seem to have higher quality than Chinese made. It is also related to product price. For Pioneer shoe which is high price product, thus, Pioneer shoe will create within Australia with affiliation of Bridgestone from Japan. Even the labor costs is higher than many countries, however, the product of Australian-owned is worldwide recognized as the premium quality products. This can add the credibility to Pioneer products.

b. Brand Association and Value Creation to Pioneer brand

As the merit of brand association of Pioneer Shoe’s brand, the associations of Pioneer brand can create customer perceived value. Researchers have identified the brand association as personal needs and experiences in identifying their brand identities which can satisfy individuals’ expectations differently according to their experiences and brand loyalty (Schiffman et al., 2008).

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