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Mitchell’s Photography is a company established in Enfield Town, and has been in business since 1972. It is now the highest qualified studio in Enfield, with the finest themed portrait studio in the area. Their wedding portraits are amongst the most beautiful, and are said to ‘reflect your dreams of the most important day of your life’. Mitchell’s Photography is a family run business that offers a wide range of photography to suit any occasion. You can have any photograph in colour, black and white or sepia and a vast range of albums are also available, from the understated classic to an individually designed album with mounting. This includes the stunning GraphStudio range, art paper edges, sliced, torn, panorama, flip-up, spot colour, digital enhancement and much, much more.

The company believes that each little item is important in the photograph, for example, the design on the back of the dress, the flowers in the bridesmaid’s hair etc. so they endeavour to capture each of these individualities in their photographs. They provide many moods, many looks, infinite variety, and all superb quality. From soft and feminine in the high key white scene to moody on the black backdrop, or dramatic in the beaten-up doorway – they even photograph under water. Their motto states: ‘our photographs are not expensive… they are priceless’ and, as company popularity continues to grow, so does the business. With company expansion due to take place, their number of customers is constantly increasing.

Identifying the Problem:

As business reputation continues to strengthen, it is becoming progressively difficult for Dawn Mitchell, the company accountant, to keep track of orders being made. At the moment, orders are written on paper and calculated using a calculator. This not only takes unnecessary time and effort, but it is also very inefficient in terms of making mistakes. To maximise efficiency and ensure company professionalism, I will create a spreadsheet for Dawn who will use it to calculate the total of orders made, and create receipts that can be given to customers as proof of purchase. The receipt can also be kept by Dawn to calculate profits at the end of the financial year. This would eliminate the ‘manual’ side of the process and minimise the number of errors, whilst running calculations specific to each order.

This project is task-based which means I will create the spreadsheet to be used for one-off tasks. Dawn basically wants a spreadsheet that will allow her to carry out everyday jobs needed to ensure business success. This means that the spreadsheet needs to be comprised of four sheets: the first sheet will be an introduction to the whole spreadsheet and will allow her to easily navigate by clicking on links that will take her to the relevant sheet. The second sheet will be a lookup table that is a price list of photographs available, which varies according to their size and colour. The third sheet, again, will be another lookup table, which is a price list of the frames available.

The last sheet will be a form and will allow Dawn to create a receipt by calculating the total cost specific to each customer. The system should allow her to print out the receipt. Calculating total cost in receipt so as to view it on the screen.  Print receipt onto a sheet of A4 paper, which consists of: the company details at the head (i.e. logo, contact details), a list of all the photographs ordered including the name, size and quantity, a list of all the frames ordered including the name, size and quantity, the total cost of the order,

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