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1. Explain how to communicate with customers. Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse an employee obviously has to speak to the customers. In order to communicate with customers they have to speak clearly while talking to the customers, they have to use appropriate tone of voice, avoid jargon with external customers and they also have to make sure that body language gives them the same message. Listening skills is also important while communicating with the customers, they have to listen carefully to what a customer is saying.

BSB Sky- BSB Sky, they normally deal through telephones, and in order to communicate with customers, while talking on the telephone they have to smile, which shows in the voice and makes you sound friendly. Using business-like greeting and attitude and concern is shown by verbal response and tone of voice. Another thing which is very important is clear voice and appropriate pace and doubly essential as gestures cannot be seen. 2. List and explain the different types of communication used by both businesses.

Carphone Warehouse- Carphone Warehouse use different types of communication such as: Pitch of Voice- This relates to how they sound, a low pitched voice is deep and gruff; a high pitched voice easily sounds shrill. For example in Carphone Warehouse while dealing with customers or presenting a product to customers they have to use the right pitch of voice which makes them sound more interesting and attracts customers.

The Pace- This relates to the speed at which they speak, they should never speak to quickly that their words run together. For example in Carphone Warehouse if a customer comes in and they say ‘hey’uayt?’ which is unlikely to be intelligible to anyone except their closest friends. If the information is complicated they should speak slowly but not to slow that everyone falls asleep or loses interest. Language- Language should be appropriate for a customer, for example in Carphone Warehouse they have to use the right language and not be rude to the customers.

Listening Skills- Listening skills is very important while talking to a customer, for example in Carphone Warehouse a customer might ask questions about various products, or maybe make a complaint so they have to listen to the customer carefully so they can reply back accurately. BSB Sky- BSB Sky use different types of communication such as: Importance of Tone- Tone of voice is very important while talking to customers, for example in BSB Sky while they talk to customers on the telephone they have to speak in a friendly and polite way which also helps customers get more interested.

Speaking Clearly- This has nothing to do with sounding ‘posh’ it just means that people can understand what you are saying, for example in BSB Sky when they are talking to a customer either on telephone or face-to-face they have to speak clearly so that the customers can understand what they are saying. Slang- These words used informally such as ‘Hi or ‘See you’, ‘Cool’, ‘Chill’, etc. In BSB Sky they should never use these type of words, it sounds rude and customers will not appreciate it. Listening Skills- Listening Skills is very important, for example in BSB Sky if they are talking to customers either face-to-Face or on the telephone, customers may have enquiries or may want to make a complaint or talk about a problem so they have to listen carefully to what they say so they can reply back accurately.

3. How can employees create a good impression? Carphone Warehouse- In order to create a good impression they have to provide excellent customer service, when a customer comes into the store they have to welcome them with a pleasant welcoming smile, they have to meet the customer needs, customers will have a lot phones to choose from they might not be sure which phone to buy so they have to go up to customers and provide them with information and help them choose the right phone, while talking to customers they have to be confident which helps to get the customers more interested, they make good customer relations and to do that they have to show respect to customers and they have to talk to customers in a very polite and friendly way, this helps to make customers feel confident to come back again, in these different types of ways they can make a good impression.

BSB Sky- In order to create a good impression, when they go to someone’s door they have to introduce themselves in a nice way and make customers feel comfortable so they can be interested in the product, they have to provide the correct information, if a customer already has sky then they should provide them with a better service for a cheaper price, in these ways they have to attract customers, another thing which is very important is showing respect, if they are capable to do that then they can create a good impression.

4. Describe the typical dress code for employees of Carphone Warehouse and BSB Sky. Carphone Warehouse- In Carphone Warehouse the employees have to be smart and clean, they have to wear formal clothes with formal shoes, wearing jeans is inappropriate, the normal dress code for Carphone Warehouse is black, they have to look smart, employees looking smart and clean also helps to attract customers, it is also easier for customers to tell who the staff is.

BSB Sky- When a member of staff from BSB Sky goes to someone’s door to provide customers with information, or offering any good offers they have to show their ID and they must look smart, if they dress in a funny way and go to a customer’s door might also get scared and think it’s some kind of fraud and might not want to communicate. BSB Sky do not have any typical dress code but they have to look smart.

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