Personality psychology

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After taking the Personality Test my thinking and reactions are identical to the description of the results. According to Jungian Personality Type my personality code is ENTJ; this is an acronym for Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. ENTJ’s are described as “focused individual that on the most efficient and organized mean of performing a task”. (http://typelogic. com/entj. html). This quality, along with their goal orientation, often makes ENTJs superior leaders, both realistic and visionary in implementing a long-term plan.

ENTJs tend to be fiercely independent in their decision making, having a strong will that insulates them against external influence. Generally highly competent, ENTJs analyze and structures the world tends to have the greatest difficulty of all the types in applying subjective considerations and emotional values into the decision-making process. Within my relationships I give 100% of my attention, love and concerns. I put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their relationships. One of my major quests in life is to constantly take in knowledge and turn that into something useful by turning everything into a learning experience.

Within the context of relationships, that means I will constantly seek knowledge and revise the rules and definition of my relationship. I value my relationships highly, especially those relationships which present new challenges and stimulate my learning. Such exchanges promote genuine affection and satisfaction for my personality type. Relationships that so not offer any chances for growth or learning hold no interest to me.

As in other areas of my life I like to be in charge of my relationships. In conversations, I am direct and sometimes Jungian Personality Type iii onfrontational, and can be highly critical and challenging towards others. People involved in a close relationship with me and my personality type needs to have a good amount of personal strength. My husband will attest to this personality. I am can come across strong and forceful, however if you get to know me you will find that I am a pleasant individual. My views are my own: I have no reason to not express my feelings and thoughts. If that is too much for some then I offer my apologies for their lack of understanding and make no excuses for my strong personality.

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