Personal Swot Anlysis

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Being confident, persistent and motivated in achieving goals. Being thoughtful and humble towards others feelings. Have balanced grades of being a student and student assistant/working student. Being optimist and focused. Having a mind set on what I want to do, and how I’m going to do about it. Achieved awards on some academic areas and received awards of being a creative person I terms of arts. Being family-oriented. Poor in public speaking skills and sometimes shy to share some ideas in class.

Lack of talents like dancing and singing. Often late to attend classes. Often short-tempered. Being lazy in reading books especially accounting books. Easily bored. Sometimes, ignorant. Have no appetite to eat sometimes.Learn more skills in paragraph writing ,cooking and even driving bicycles. Improve my study habits through reading in the night instead of weighing Korean dramas. Get higher grades in all my subjects. Connections with friends and families. To increase my weight from 43. 5 kilograms to 5 5 THREATS

Failing my grades in accounting subjects. Not to graduate in Accountancy. To acquire illnesses like appendicitis and ulcer due to improper eating behavior. Can not obtain Job due to competition. No social life. Personal Soot Analysis By Merrimack 10 IT | 1 . These strengths are useful to take advantage of strengths are used as a tool for encouragement towards I II. These Success and overcome these threats. Opportunities. 12. Thinking of my family is my driving force to help the 12. Being focused into my studies, I could possibly graduate in I I

I improvement of my study habits. I Accountancy. 13. For having achieved some awards,this could help me to 13. Through receiving some awards and obtaining experiences as I IS libation higher grades. I working students, I could possibly be hired as an employee. I I 14. Being persistent and motivated to achieve other goals, this 14. Thinking of my family, I need to improve my eating habits I I Could help to improve other skills and abilities like cooking I through eating properly at a proper time so as to avoid their I through taking into cooking lessons.

I worries for | 1 . Through being late at class, I could obtain a low grade for II. Through lack of talents like singing and dancing, I could II could miss some discussions in class. I possibly do not have social life. 12. Being lazy and easily be bored in studying, I could not 12. Being late at class and easily bored, I could possibly fail Surely improve my study habits. Will not be able degenerated accountancy. I the subject and 13. Having no appetite sometime, I could easily lose my weight.

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