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Personal goals in life, accomplishments of objectives and dreams drives us to excel, therefore pursuing my degree in business studies is a very important stepping stone in fulfilling my aspirations. This achievement will enable me to become a man of excellence and equip me in overcoming current obstacles. In this paper u will read my personal development plan and the vehicle to meet my academic and professional goals

In a generation where a relatively high proportionate of students decide to opt for a business oriented degree, what is it that drives me towards it? A response to that question will surely have to be the fact that on a personal view I find this field exceptionally exhilarating, yet demanding as it is a blend of some exceedingly diverse range of subjects including Economics, management, finance, accounting, marketing, law this added flexibility within the degree acts a a key attractor, once having done the course I surely would be able to look at the current business environment from a very different prospective. It would indeed have made more aware of the simple logistics in operating a business and hence would eventually assist me to establish one of my own which is my ultimate aim

With the rapidly altering pace of the modern business world there is still an immeasurable percentage of the business population who are yet to maximize the potential usage of the existing technology; this could easily prove to be inefficient as the available resources are not being used appropriately. If given a chance I would like to revolutionize the system by which businesses operate. Motivating all size of businesses to use the LAN networks and making the few workings hours of the day into a quicker way to deal with producers and consumers around the world. This is already followed in many parts of the world but comparatively still has the capacity to be spread on a bigger scale. This would not only cut the cost of operations for many firms but will help them achieve economies of scale. Nevertheless, as per the economic cycle this could take economy towards boom and improve the living standards of the country.

Living in an extremely cosmopolitan city has helped me to grow as an individual. Dubai has a reputation of encompassing people from all over the globe, and attending a school with over 60 different nationalities helped me to learn and respect different cultures. Being born there gave me the added advantage as I was able to adapt to the ever-changing taste in fashion and taste. My eagerness to build upon existing knowledge has provoked me to pursue my further studies in a region that not only offers an immensely multicultural environment, but also believes in an esteemed quality of education; thus, the obvious choice being United Kingdom

I do understand that the challenges I would have to face in university will be significantly greater than those I have already faced, and conquered, in high school. Nevertheless, with my goal-oriented nature and my ability to flex myself to meet any difficulties, I look forward to work towards a university degree, which could advance my future success and help me reinvigorate my drive to excel, which I value highly.

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