Personal and Professional Development

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Professional Development I am going to be talking about key Influences on my personal learning, I will start by explaining the positive and negative influences. During my childhood stages in primary school which was located In Blackburn I believe that I have experienced a lot to make me the person I am today. I have experienced a period time of being bullied and abused which had put my self-esteem and confidence down. I had to change my mage Just to fit in where I now believe was wrong.

I have also made a few changes such as not socializing with the people I used to which destroyed me physically, emotionally and Intellectually. My grades have also put me down In secondary school and my ability of understanding. I felt as though I did not get enough support from my teachers because they never made me feel motivated. Since I was a slow learner and did not achieve much I was put in a lower group with other students who had rower grades.

I felt that I was not valued by my teachers and for this reason I did not have any Inspiration to achieve anything. My family was very encouraging however It was not enough to achieve my goals and aims. As my grades and ability started to weaken it made me feel ineffective therefore I believe had to make a change as I had alms and goals I wanted to reach. As my mum was seeing me distracted and I was not focused enough this made her set me in motivation and inspired me to work harder.

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