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Being a sales assistant for the Cooperative means that you have to be on the shop floor and help customers in any queries, stocking shelves, rotating stock and updating sales display areas. What skills are required? Working as a sales assistant for the Cooperative requires a variety of skills. All employees that work for the Cooperative will have to meet these following skills in order to qualify for the job. Personal Skills In the Cooperative as a sales assistant you must be hard working and also patient.

Hard working would be being productive on the work floor, if you have finished rotating a section of stock you could help out a colleague in a different sector. Being patient is important when talking to customers in the Cooperative shop floor, says for example someone has asked a question about a product and you explain it to them, it may take a while for them to engage and understand your information. Being patient is key. Good interpersonal skills are vital. Interpersonal skills would be having good trust, avoiding conflict, taking responsibility, cooperating with others and not moaning about a specific job or task.

Trust is needed for the job as a sales assistant because the manager needs to know that the products are safe in your hands. Avoiding conflict on the shop floor of the Cooperative is extremely important as they want to maintain the corporate image of the company and by avoiding conflicts on the shop floor, where the public are, this will maintain the brand image and reputation. Accepting responsibility for an error made whilst on the job is a good honest approach and will help form positive working relationships with other employees in the Cooperative.

Working cooperatively with others including managers and other work colleagues within the business will help you to get along with everyone at the Cooperative. Moaning and groaning when given a certain task is a negative outlook on work, smiling and being positive will make it far more likely for you to build friendships and working relationships within the Cooperative. Being able to work as a team in the Cooperative is important for the job as a sales assistant. There are a number of people working in certain departments and it would help you get on with work if you are efficient in a team.

This means helping others out, taking note on what they need and wearing a smile when meeting them. Negotiation skills are needed as a sale assistant in the Cooperative as when a customer asks for a certain product and it isn’t in stock it is then your job to suggest another product and persuade them into buying that one instead. Negotiation is a process of seeking agreement and if the customer agrees on buying a product they wouldn’t have necessarily bought before then you have been successful in your job as a sales assistant. Employability skills

A suitable qualification for the role of a sales assistant within the Cooperative is important. Applicants need to be well educated and have a minimum of 5 A*-C grade GCSES. Experience in similar roles in retail jobs is preferred when applying for the job, if the applicant already knows the retail environment and has worked there before then they will pick up the role as sales assistant in the Cooperative quite fast. Also, having a large knowledge of products within the Cooperative knowing what they sell will appeal more to the human resources section of the Cooperative.

Knowing the products will make a good sales assistant as you will be able to assist the customers with personal knowledge and will be confident in your advice. Effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets is a good skill to have. If you can meet personal targets as a sales assistant and be productive on the work floor then employers will clock on to this and will want to employ you over other applicants. Having this and the ability to observe and raise professional standards of production/service delivery will ensure you can keep improving the processes of the role of a sales assistant.

Communication skills Both formal and informal communications are needed as a sales assistant within the Cooperative. Formal communication must be used when talking to colleagues, managers and customers. This is so that the brand image of the Cooperative is kept at a high standard. Informal communication is used for talking with colleagues in spare time, on breaks etc, this will help build working relationships within the Cooperative. Non verbal and verbal communication must be used as a sales assistant in the Cooperative.

Non verbal communication involves written script in a text, email or letter. This would be a text to a colleague, a letter to management or an email to a colleague. Verbal communications include telephone calls to management to call in late, video conferencing to add to staff meetings within the Cooperative and interviews with new members of staff. Listening is a key communication skill as a sales assistant in the Cooperative. As a sales assistant you have to listen effectively to customers who are asking questions.

An important tip is to not just listen passively but to question what is being said so that you understand it. As a sales assistant working for the Cooperative presentation skills are of great importance. You may talk with your mouth however your body displays messages to those around us all the time. Your whole body language must be positive and you must use good eye contact, professional language and facial expressions. You should always base your presence on your audience, so for a sales assistant at the Cooperative you should base how you present your self on the customer your dealing with.

This does not mean that you should copy their attitude but you should find something in common and communicate in a way that they will understand. Going back to the body language as a sales assistant, you should look out for customers doing displacement activities, intention movements and self touching postures. These are all signs that the customer may need help and if you as a sales assistant working for the Cooperative can identify this then you can politely ask if they need any assistance.

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