Performance Criteria

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In order for this system to work accordingly and effectively the performance must be genuine and adequate. By this I mean that the system must be easy to use in order for the intended user to use it to its best ability therefore getting the must sufficient results that can be presented clearly so that the trends can be identified easily. This ability of the system can prove to be very important this is because if the system is difficult to use inwhich requires the user to do a lot of things in order to function the user will be confused.

Another criteria that the system must full fill is that the system must be able to provide accurate and instant response in which the user will benefit from as it will provide an accurate view on the students. In which the user will be able to average out results of each individual student. This will provide data that can be interpreted by the user, and hopefully the system would be able to show if whether the student is passing coherently or failing in which this will show that the student is struggling thus will need more assistance whilst in class.

Furthermore, the background colour of the system will have to be able to make the user feel relaxed and comfortable this is because they would feel at ease whilst selecting the information. By this they would continuously use the system. Input The input would be of a simple design in which it will be easy to use functions. There would be a string of macros as well as combo boxes and check screens this would mean that there will be less chances of RSI (repetitive strain injury) does not occur and also that the person does not come under any stress.

Processing There is going to be a series of various formulas which are going to be used, such as v-lookups and what if statements, as this would allow it to be relatively easy to get results and get it in a display or printed form. In this screen, there would be a database of information including name, gender, address and marks. This would help give out automated responses to the data which is put in, in the input screen. The user will not see this screen unless modifications are needed to be made.

Output This will be crucial for the system this is because this will show the raw data has been process into a useful form as information. It can be either be displayed or printed which would mean that the user would have a hard copy. However the information can be turned into many useful forms such as graphs, reports and maybe even certificates. This would help the evaluation done by the teacher if they would have a visual display that contains the relevant information about the pupil.

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