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You need to provide a further section that analyses the implications of weak interpersonal skills in the case of a team manager or supervisor in a selected organisation. You need to consider why performance should be considered weak in terms of its implication for the team, its performance and the attainment of organisational aims and objectives. Introduction Inter-personal skills are key communication skills that are essential for every day activities. Such as interacting with people, having conversations, good body language and overall how a person expresses and puts them self’s forward.

It is very important for getting others to listen and to take into account what a person says. The impact some one has all depends on how they use their voice, body language and their facial features, this tells a person if they are being serious or not and if they are angry upset or happy. However, for a team manager it is an essential attribute that one is required to have in order to fill the role effectively and to be able to communicate to individuals on all levels.

Weak interpersonal skills of a team leader will have poor effects on the team and will overall show in the outcomes of what they produce and how they interact with one another. The possible out comes of an team manger with weak interpersonal skills, will overall be their ability to communicate to the team and put ideas, decisions and input across, so they can organise and mange the team to flow logically and correctly so they reach their targets. This may result in the team members taking their own actions or not participating at in any of the activities.

This leads to them not progressively being able to move through the Tuckmans stages of a developing team. The impact this will have will depend on the other members interpersonal skills and if they decide to take on the role of team leader to get the task done. However because of poor communication, bond will not be formed so the individuals will not feel part of a group so may not want to work in the team. The effects of this will be no motivation within the team or individually, so poor work will be produced if any at all.

This could have disastrous effects on a business if this team was based in the Human resource department as the key method of passing information across is through verbal communication. Interpersonal skills are all about working with other people. They include being able to support and encourage others, being able to give and receive constructive criticism as well as being able to negotiate. They are also concerned with listening to and valuing others’ opinions, and being able to convey your point clearly to a group.

These are all required to make an effective team leader and for them to make a valuable contribution to a team. The key implications of a weak interpersonal skills in the case of a team manager at Tesco plc, would include the ability to speak clearly and feel confident in the ideas and opinions they put across to the other team member, so they make sure the points they are trying to make are clear and focused on what needs to be achieved, without this skill it would be hard to understand the message the team leader would be trying to make so the other members would not take into consideration what he/she is trying to say.

In addition, weak interpersonal skills will affect the way a team leader controls their body language/actions so they don’t seem aggressive or distant from the group. This might result in seeming not interested in the participation or the overall outcome of what the team produce, so would be unable to encourage others to work if they do not look the part they are supposed to carry out.

The effects of this will be having less control over the situation or getting the respect of the team to listen to what they had to say. With this in affect the team manger would not be able to resolve conflict or lead them in any way as the other members would simply not care or listen in any way as the leader would not have taken any responsibility or control of the team, so will not be seen as a force to listen to or a risk to take if they did not co-operate.

As the manager would need to be able to separate, them self’s from the team in some way, to show who is in control by being able to stand their ground and take action when needed. So overall the work might not get done on time or to the satisfactory quality as there would have been no organisation or structure to the group as the team leader wouldn’t have being able to manage the task so it gets done logically or successfully.

This could have a big effect on the overall organisation depending on the work they had to undertake or the department they were held in, as they would have not meet their targets which would lead to implications in achieving the strategic aims and objective of the company. This is just one scenario of the possible out come weak interpersonal skills of a team manager could have on a team that result in the poor performance of an organisation.

Team managers are put in place to effectively meet the requirements or the organisation by working and communicating with others, to seek the benefits of teamwork. To overall be on target and meet their goals so the organisation progressively meets their aims and objectives. With weak interpersonal skills, this will cause the business to suffer overall. As a team manager will not be able to plan, organise, lead and control resources to the best of their ability in order to achieve their overall team objectives.

As mangers need to adopt a range of skills to engage with others and lead to the desired performance level in a given situation. Performance should be considered weak in terms of its implication for the team, its performance and the attainment of organisational aims and objectives, as they will not be able to achieve result that are sustainable to the organisations success and overall they will not be able to act out the role of a team manger effectively so will be overall performing badly at filling its requirements and reaching targets through team work.

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