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Interviewing, as we know, forms the first and the most integral part of the whole analysis. Before starting your work, you need to know what exactly your end-user’s requirements are, what the end-user expects from the system, and what he doesn’t want from it. In short, interviewing fills the communication gap between the programmer, that’s you and the user, and makes working on the system far more specific and easier. To fulfil this, I interviewed Mr and Mrs Arora on 14-10-2002 to get the appropriate details. Below are some excerpts from the interview; Q.1: Mr Arora, can you tell me how you think a computer may be able to help you in the running of your business?

A.1: Yes, actually there was a problem with the manual system that I am using now-there’s too much manual paper-work involved and at the end of the day , it leaves me completely exhausted, as I have to keep track of the stock as well as calculate what I am earning, how much Vat do I owe, how much tax do I have to pay, and all this becomes too strenuous because every-day I have to do the same write-up again and again. It is too time-consuming. A computerised stock-control system that will also calculate my earnings is certainly the need of the hour, and it will definitely help in ensuring a smooth running of my business.

Q.2: Okay, so what exactly do you want the new system to store? A.2: The new system should have details of all my stock, which I’ll enter into it, it should be able to subtract items as soon as items are sold and add items to the stock as soon as the order is bought from a wholesaler. Besides this, it will also need to calculate Vat and tax automatically on goods sold and bought. Q.3: In the present system, how do you store this information? A.3: I have got separate files made for sales, stock and orders, namely the Sales, Stock and Completed Orders files respectively. Another file that I have to maintain is the Incomplete Orders file, which has details of all the items that are needed in the shops as well as the unavailable stock, which has to be ordered at a later date.

Q.4: What is the procedure if you have to order an item from a wholesaler? A.4: Every evening, when its time to close, me and my wife take note of all the items that have either been sold out or, are in less quantity, note their item numbers, make an order and take it or mail it to the wholesaler, who either gives us the stock then itself, or delivers it.

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