People predict and calculate events

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This will be a modelling project that will incorporate information, which will help people predict and calculate events, costs and probability. These types of programmes are familiar to many of us as they are used all over the world for both simple and complicated tasks. An example of this would be weather stations use super computers to predict weather changes by inputting information from past weather stations. I will use Excel ’97 and input various factors after researching figures or data, which may affect the output of any calculations.

The public may view the project so it is essential it is complete and of the utmost standard acceptable to BETHS. This will also affect my GCSE coursework grade. These will be possible scenarios for my modelling project. Mortgages: This model would calculate the cost of a mortgage as well as what monthly payments would be required and also the interest that would be involved and how it could be cut down. Savings Account:

This particular model would tell you information about how much money you could put into an account and what return in money you would get depending on how long you would leave the money in an account for. Pet costs: This would allow people to calculate the costs in both buying and maintaining a pet over a yearly period, however it would only be applicable to one pet. Scooter costs: This modelling project will calculate the cost of keeping a Scooter by including the price of buying and maintaining it (this will include servicing, fuel costs and road tax).

G. C. S. E Predictions: I could devise a model by which I program in past grades for tests and course work and the model predicts what your grade will be according to the areas at question you fill in. The idea that I have chosen to base my model around is the cost of a flight, I believe that this is a good idea as it can give individuals and families an idea has to how much their flight costs will be. So they would know how to budget and the rough overall cost of their travel to the country of their choice.

I have chosen to produce a model which will calculate peoples flight costs including airfare, insurance and the air tax added to the total cost. I am producing a flight cost model for the Holiday goers that will be looking to calculate their costs in September I am hoping to inform them of the current costs in the busy world of air travel. If I am successful on my venture the flight cost model produced will be put on display on the open evening some where in the school. The most probable place at the moment is in one of the I.

T rooms where it will be viewed by a number of different age groups and different people hopefully quite a few people will see it and perhaps try it for me. It will be difficult to know what interests the air travellers and also their parents or guardians. The fact that the guardians or parents are happy or unhappy about what they see will affect how the air travellers feels towards the school and whether he chooses to come to it. So it is totally imperative that the whole party who attend the open evening are all happy and satisfied with what they see and leave in a positive mind about the flight cost model.

My most probable approach to this task would be using the Internet. I know for a fact that many people are attracted to other forms of information rather than just it being written down so I would create a web page. Featuring the flight cost model that would be interactive so people would remember what they had seen meaning they had more time to think about what they had seen because they would remember it. I will need a fast efficient method to produce my work, this will mean that I must choose the least time consuming programs.

The information I will retrieve will mostly be information from the Internet and personal interviews and surveys. I will also use peripherals such as a digital camera and a scanner to put in illustrations and also photographs. I will also use spell and grammar checkers to check the text that I write. Unfortunately any hyperlinks or other Internet features will have to be checked by people or by me. Types of software used by me will be ‘MS Excel’, ‘HTML’ and ‘Windows Notepad’. I will compare these to see which would be the better to use for my flight cost model.

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