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Working practices are developed with combined talents and efforts of all the staff. This includes an organisational structure that enables everyone to contribute to achieving identified targets plus effective team working and staff who understand their won role and contribution to the enterprise. All organisations need some type of structures to operate productively. This is an organisation chart for Tesco This is an organisational chart for Holiday Villa hotel The difference between the two organisation are one of them is a hotel and the other one is a Tesco which is a retail shop.

Tesco has a store director and store manager while Holiday villa hotel has a general manager and assistant manager. The difference between this two organisations are one has a Personal manager; in the other hand the hotel has front office. The similarities are that they both have a security manager. These different sectors all work together to make the business run smoothly.

Team working is important to the two organisations because each person knows his own role and how it fits in with others. Also the teams have complementary skills and work in harmony. They do not get in each other’s way or hold each other up they also work to achieve a common objective as quickly and professionally as possible. Employees at all levels contribute to the work of an organisation through effective team work and positive personal attributes.

Personal attributes are important to the two organisations because many of the implied terms involves the personal attributes of an employee such as honesty, behaving responsibly and observing confidentially. These are so important that many organisations also include them in express clauses too, to make sure there are no misunderstandings. These are the main attributes that a business will expect its employees to have: The advantages of having different personal attributes in a team are that different staff members can bring different skills in a team such as Following instructions, honesty and written communication skills.

The benefits of having theses skills in a team is because readjusting the way you work to fit in with other people, using other people’s strengths effectively and supporting them if there are any weaknesses. For example when we had to take part in a business enterprise project, every team member had their own responsibilities to achieve their aims and objectives. Some of us had good verbal communication skills and some had good presentation skills. We used all the skills to make this team work well and complete all our tasks.

The disadvantages of having different personal attributes in a team are that members of the team may argue and conflict with their views. For example when I worked in Tesco express. One of the store assistant’s could not communicate with the team and this has led to misunderstanding and arguments within the team. Also in my Business enterprise project, our team had a lot of arguments and misunderstandings about what to sell. There was some members in the team were not punctual and didn’t turn up to the team meeting.

Personal attributes and team working contributes to working practices by every team member have their own special skill to help their team with their overall goals. Problems can occur but overall having different skills within the team can solve problems and issues. I am good at developing skills and I have a good knowledge of ICT and Algebra. I am also good at languages for example Arabic and French as I have achieved good grades in these subjects.

Weaknesses: I am not good at English subject but I am trying really hard to improve at this subject and also I get distracted easily in class. Opportunities: With the good grades I am going to achieve , I am able to do A-levels with high confidence in these four subjects ( Maths , Business Studies , ICT , French ) . Threats: I might get distracted easily by things like hobbies and friends which might stop me from working very hard next year. Long term goals: My long term goal is to be a doctor in the future and I will achieve that by working towards attainting the required grades in college or six forms and also by having good knowledge in science.

Short term goals: In the next two months, I will be lookng for a summer job to gain experience and also to gain some money to save up for university. About my weaknesses, I will be reading and studying the English subject everyday for at least 1 hour and a half. Also my English teacher will be supporting me and helping me to achieve a high grade in English. Development Experiences: I would like to undergo to develop the areas that I am weak at which are my communications and listening skills. Education and Training: I will be attending English Saturday’s school to improve my weaknesses in this area. Also I will be studying four hours everyday to improve my knowledge.

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