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Evaluation of each team member: Team Leader- Christina Lundy Christina as a team leader did a really great job. She was really supportive and never let any of us down. She was a really good team worker, very friendly and kept all of us up to date. She was really diplomatic, confident and supportive. For example: Christina helped Alison when she was struggling to write a letter she showed her how to layout a letter and what to write in it. Administrator- Alison Alison worked really well and hard. She was really helpful and outgoing.

She kept up to date with all her task and always made sure that she finish’s her task on time. She has a lot of strength and used them. For example Alison did not miss a day of college, finished all her tasks on time, sorted out all the paper work and if she didn’t understand she would ask. Marketing- Sandra Sandra was outgoing and helpful team member. She was very well organised and finished all her tasks on time. She was co- operative, and very friendly. As well as doing her tasks she used to help out the others and made sure that no one gives up.

For example: when Nancy was not here Sandra helped finish all Nancy tasks and kept her up to date, she did leaflets and poster for Nancy. Nancy-Event Organiser Nancy was really good organiser and was a wonderful team member and also very co-operative and helpful. She never let any one down and was really friendly. She was off for a few days but when she got back she made sure that she finish’s all her tasks and which she did. Nancy did a fantastic job and worked really hard. For example Nancy missed out many days when she came she asked use what work she misses out and with the help of Sandra she finished all her tasks.

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