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The roles and responsibilities of a manager are very important to the BBC as if the manager wasn’t doing these things, such as evaluating staff performance then the staff probably wouldn’t perform as well and the BBC wouldn’t do very well as there is nobody making sure that everybody is doing their jobs. Qualities of a Manager A good manager has to have certain qualities in his which he incorporates into his work life. Jan Gordon, an Executive, Career and Personal Coach have come up with 10 qualities which make an excellent manager. 1. Creativity – She feels that creativity is the ‘spark that propels projects forward’.

A manager needs to be creative in order to come up with a good idea that will be a success. 2. Structure – She feels that when a manager knows how to work within the structure of the project and not let it interfere in the planning of that project they will be able to guide others effectively to complete the work they have been set. 3. Intuition – ‘Intuition is the capacity of knowing without the use of rational processes’, she thinks that people who instinctively know what to do in a situation and have a stronger intuition will be stronger managers.

Knowledge – She thinks that a ‘thorough knowledge base is essential’ and an excellent manager is someone who can work solely from a knowledge base without drawing attention to it. 5. Commitment – Jan Gordon believes that ‘a collective team will move the team closer to the end result’, and it is the manager’s commitment to pull the team through times when they are struggling. 6. Being Human – ‘The best leaders are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. ‘ Managers who act like they normally would and don’t try to intimidate or patronise you, but talk to you with respect and decency are the leaders of who you will be loyal to.

Versatility – An excellent manager is able to be flexible and have the ability to be both non-reactive and not attached to how things have to be. ‘Flexibility and Versatility are the pathways to speedy responsiveness’. 8. Lightness – A good manager isn’t someone who just produces good results and moves on, it is somebody who has fun in the process. If a manager was really boring and was just all about getting the work done and not having fun then the likelihood is that he wouldn’t have the friendship or loyalty of his/her employees.

Discipline/Focus – ‘Discipline is the ability to choose and live from what one pays attention to’. You need to be able discipline your employees and keep them focused on the task at hand, if you cant do this then the task either won’t get done or will be completed poorly.

10. Big Picture, Small Action – Excellent managers are good at seeing the bigger picture of things but also realising that it takes a lot of small actions to get there. ‘Small actions leads to the big picture…..think big while also paying attention to the details’. As you can see from these search results, there isn’t any training provided specifically for management, the majority of the management courses were managing projects and self management but nothing that could help a manager to improve on their qualities. Motivation to Retain Staff As a BBC manager, it is very important to be able to motivate and retain your staff, if you can’t do this, you will end up with no employees and unless you are a sole-trader, you do not want this.

You need you’re team around you in order to succeed and if you are not motivating your team, then they will not stick around, they will get another job where they are motivated enough to like doing that they will be happy to work there. Making sure that your employees are happy in their position helps with staff retention as if you can decipher your employees opinions of problems in the work place then you can sort these out before they become unmotivated, it is important that a manager takes staff motivation seriously.

As the manager, you need to ensure that your employees are receiving their basic needs. The diagram to the left is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is a ladder of human needs and their importance. As the manager, you need to ensure that your employees are getting these needs, the most important (at the bottom) is food and drink, leading up the most important (at the top) which is self actualisation.

These are important on all areas of life but as the manager, you need to ensure the employees are gaining these at the workplace. You need to ensure your employees are getting the basic needs such as food, drink, sleep, warmth. As well as ensuring they are safe in the workplace and have enough security, protection, limits and job stability. By working as a team in the workplace, you are providing a sense of belonging and integration as they will make relationships within this team.

The most important is that you are fulfilling the employees’ needs for self-esteem; you can raise their self-esteem by giving them responsibility, a good job status and a good role within the company. A supervisor is an employee of the BBC who has some of the powers and responsibilities of management; they provide a link between the manager and the regular employees. An employee is classed as a supervisor when the have the power and authority to do the following manners, if the employee cannot do all of these points, legally he/she is not a supervisor.

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