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Whilst carrying out our interview, we decided to place ourselves as you can see in the diagram below. We chose to set ourselves out like this because we could then have 2 people asking the candidate question whilst the 3rd person wrote down their response and also the interviewee doesn’t feel like we are surrounding them so should be comfortable to say what they like. We decided to carry this interview out in a quiet corner of our classroom, this was in order to fully hear and understand what the candidate was saying.

All the other students in the class were fully aware of what we were doing and were sure not to disturb us, which they did not. We found that this set up was very successful as the candidate felt like she could take freely without being pressured into saying anything which they did not want to say. The BBC sets up their interviews like this as it is a very successful way to do it as there will be the one person writing everything down who doesn’t need to think about asking any questions or getting too involved in the interview itself, they are simply recording it.

This helps the interviewers as they do not need to concentrate on writing down the response, all they need to concentrate on is making sure they ask the right questions and they need to probe the answers out of the candidates. It is very important that an organisation considers its environment before starting the marketing process; PEST factors are factors which will affect the Political, Environmental, Sociological and Technological environments. As I said in A01, these factors have a large effect on the BBC and each factor affects a different environment.

The POLITICAL factors which affect the recruitment process greatly, there are many different legislations against discrimination which are often caused during recruitment e. g. if the managing director of technology at BBC was white and he treated all his Indian employees different to his employees of any other ethnic background, this would class under the Race Relations Act of 1976 (Amended in 2000), acts like this affect the BBC and other businesses every day, and these can sometimes cost the companies a substantial amount of money.

A full list of legislations which affect the recruitment process can be found in A01. The ECONOMIC factors which would affect the recruitment process would be whether or not you could afford to actually take that person on. This would depend on whether or not the person would need training in order to carry out the job properly. Other reasons the BBC might need to pay out money would be in order to retain the staff e. g. piece rates, bonuses, fringe benefits and resources etc.

most people would think that as soon as you gain members of staff, you don’t need to worry about anything other than their wages but this is not true, a lot of money goes into motivating and training staff and this involves money, and therefore you need to keep this in mind when setting the budget. The SOCIOCULTURAL factors which affect the recruitment are the social and cultural influences on the BBC, it is very important that these factors are considered.

The main factors which need consideration are the religions of the BBC working within the BBC, what are people’s attitudes towards foreign goods and services and does their language impact upon the dispersion of goods within the market. These are all cultural factors; this need to be carefully considered as if they are not, the BBC could be at risk of being sued due to the Race Relations Act covers discrimination of the grounds of race, colour, nationality, citizenship or ethnic or national origin.

This covers people from all ethnic groups (including white people) as people of all nationalities and origins should be given equal rights including wages and job prospects and if this is not true, the BBC could be at risk of being sued. The Equal Pay Act covers the right for an individual to gain the same contractual pay and benefits as the person of the opposite sex in the same employment. The employer will not be required to provide the same pay or benefits if he/she can prove that the difference in pay is genuinely due some reason other than the difference in sex.

Some social factors which would affect the recruitment process are things such as the amount of time which the consumers have for leisure, the roles of men and women in society, the length of time the average person lives and the amount of money people in different age groups have. The most important of these factors is the roles of men and women in society, as this is also illegal to discriminate against, the Sexual Discrimination Act covers discrimination on the grounds of sex or marriage unlawful. This act applies to men and women of any age, including children.

It is not, however, illegal to discriminate against someone because they are not married. Employers should not discriminate against a person who intends to undergo, under going or has under gone gender change. If the BBC is in violation of this act, there is a possibility that they will be sued.

The TECHNOLOGICAL factors which will affect the recruitment process are things such as; does the staff need further training on new technology that has come out, does technology allow the products or services to be made more cheaply, has the new technology changed the distribution of new technologies e. g. books via the internet etc. the most important factor is whether or not the staff need additional training as the BBC is obliged to give all employees the training which they need to do their job correctly. As before, if this training is given to some employees and not others, they are again in violation of the Employment Equality Act and the BBC could be at risk of being sued.

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