People i could do without

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“Life= Complication” If this statement doesn’t say it all about life, then I don’t know what does. It’s perplexing, convoluted and everything you don’t want it to be, but is; that’s life. If it is all of these things, then one can understand my point of view when I express my dislike for certain people who tend to make life more difficult then it already is. The people who annoy you beyond words, whether it’s what they say or the way they say it, as well as those individuals who never know when to shut up or call it quits. Let us not forget those who resent you for what you have, not even considering how you got it. Whether or not these people can find just cause for behaving in this manner, they remain nonetheless, people I could do without.

Along with annoying and jealous people, I really cannot stand ignorant people. You know the type of person that would answer “what are you doing this weekend,” with “stuff.” You know those individuals who think they’re “great”, when they’re only “kinda good.” I don’t mean to rant, however I am tired of people who complain about the qualities they can’t stand in others when they seemingly posses them, themselves. They complain about what they don’t have and in the same breath turn around and complain about what they do have. I can’t lie, though there have been times when “I” was one of these people. Over the years, however, I have developed a humbleness and content for what I have, however little it is. To these people I leave one thought:

“When you can’t have what you want, it’s time to start wanting what you have!”

Whenever I bring up this issue, I am told by others to keep in mind the fact that without these people I wouldn’t have so much to talk about. They make life interesting and however hard it is to admit, you want to deal with these people on a daily basis; you’re life would be drab without them. On a good day I would agree, but when I take time out and carefully contemplate this issue, all I feel is stress and grief when I have to deal with these people. As much as I have been criticizing certain people and explaining why it is I can do without them, there is a purpose for them. It has been my experience that these individuals can help you on the life-long journey to finding yourself. How, you may ask, well, I believe these people help you to realize what it is you don’t want to become. It is through these people that you discover things in yourself that you never knew were there. Although one could argue that, you need these people to “keep yourself in check,” I hold true to the fact that I don’t need anymore stress in my life then I already have.

Of all the people that I can’t stand I would have to give the award to the people, I have renamed “haters.” A hater is someone who bares malice towards others because of their success or accomplishments. These people, only, bring with them constant worry and aggravation, because all they do, is try to find ways in which to bring you down and ruin whatever success you have accomplished thus far in your life. They only look at the here and now of any situation; they never take time out to consider what you had to go through in order to reach whatever status you’re at. Nevertheless I have to admit that I have realized that at one point or another I have hated too. Now I have come to see that the Lord gives you what you are entitled to and nothing more than you can handle. By hating on others, especially for what they have and you don’t; you are saying that I hate the path I which God chose for me, not unlike Adam and Eve. Again a lesson in learning to love what you have needs to be learned.

People may tell you to ignore people who hate on you but if you are not strong minded you may not be able to heed this advice successfully. Weak minded individuals may let what these people say take a significant affect on how they conduct their lives henceforth. They may very well change their whole life path based on one comment. Now one can understand why “haters” are people I could do without, in my life. All they do is distract you from your goals and/or where you want to be. They prevent you from pursuing your dreams, if you let them, and sometimes you do without even noticing that you did. I can write all day about these people, but they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so until that fine day I have developed a personal philosophy that helps me to “shake those haters off.”

If you’ve got haters you must be doing something right!

Even in the face of adversity, I stand tall and refuse to let anyone compromise my beliefs. In this composition of my thoughts I am being as real as I can be, I have not held back the way in which I feel in an attempt to spare feelings. One can say that I am coming across as harsh, because I am coming correct and bluntly stating, in some words, that there are just some individuals that need to be shot. Despite all my ranting, raving, philosophizing and whatever else this can be describe as, I do realize that these people aren’t going anywhere; and I can argue until I am blue in the face. It seems that when it really comes down to it, as many people that I can do without, twice as many may feel that they can do without me too. So do I really have a point, you be the judge!

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