Paying special attention to the structure of the advert

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Analyse two print adverts, paying special attention to the structure of the advert and the language techniques used. We are surrounded by media in our everyday lives. The main purpose of the media is advertising and making the selected audience aware of the product on offer (product awareness). There are many techniques advertisers use to sell their product such as humour, shock, emotion, demonstration, comparative, enigma advertising and celebrity presenters or endorsements.

The two chosen print advertisements I have selected are both for fragrances. The first being for the fun new fragrance ‘exclamation play’ which is bright pink and vibrant showing connotation of a female targeted audience, of the age of sixteen and above. The second advertisement is for ‘CK one’ the black and white sophisticated advert is targeting men and women twenty years and up. Both adverts were found in women’s magazines, both targeting a similar age range.

The linguistic styling of the advertisement for ‘exclamation play’ is slang and it involves the audience and gives them a sense of power over the opposite sex, however the ‘CK one’ advertisement involves both sexes equally. The linguistic devices used are urbane and to the point stating the products name and purpose ‘Calvin Klein a fragrance for a man or woman’. The name of the fragrance ‘one’ may suggest that the couple are one with each other.

Whereas the language of the ‘exclamation play’ advert has hidden meanings. ‘It’s you play’ may mean that the woman is in charge, it’s her game, her rules this makes the woman feel of importance. Also ‘the fun new fragrance that’ll have him right where you want him’ refers to the image and the saying ‘you’ve got him wrapped round your little finger’ suggesting that all women love to be spoilt and get their own way.

The ‘CK one’ advert is in black and white and has a stylish look about it. The image is a close up of a man and woman embracing, the illustration has sexual references by the use of tongues. This one image covers the whole of the advert, it shows love and passion between the two people. The attractive looking woman has the product bottle on the tip of her tongue, would she rather have this than her boyfriend? However the male is the one holding the bottle, perhaps it signifies that the product is part of their relationship, as it is named ‘one’. It is to be at one with their relationship. Do they share their love as they do with the fragrance?

As it is for both men and women. Unlike the ‘CK one’ advert ‘exclamation play’ is only targeting females. The whole background colour is pink, which is often associated with femininity. The central image is a woman’s hand, with a man wrapped around her little finger (the old saying ‘you’ve got him wrapped round your little finger’) her finger tips are pointing up towards the product itself. This is also pink. This particular advert is vivacious and stands out amongst others. The layout of the advert is set out so that your eyes start at the bottom, where the anchorage and product name is then to the hand which finally points to the product.

In the ‘CK one’ advert there is a picture of the product in the males hand this may show importance as he has the bottle in one hand and the other hand wrapped around his girlfriend. The bottle is made of frosted glass, which in the advert gives the impression that the surrounding atmosphere is hot and steamy. The bottle is simplistic looking which differs to the ‘exclamation play’ bottle, which is thin and shaped like an exclamation mark. The purpose for the exclamation marked shaped bottle means that this fragrance is making a statement. The packaging is also pink showing that this Alex McAllister is a feminine product. The product name ‘exclamation play’ suggests that it is an outgoing fragrance with attitude that should be worn in the presence of men. Conversely the product name for the CK fragrance has simpler values the name being ‘One’ meaning the product is one with their relationship as it is for men and women alike.

The ‘exclamation play’ advert tells young teenage girls that if they wear this particular scent then they will have the boy they have lingered for right where they want him. All teenage girls would love to have the pleasure or chance of being pampered and spoilt. Whereas in the CK advertisement the women has an attractive male by her side. They share their perfume/aftershave as if they would share their love.

These adverts are not in relation to any other advertisements. The ‘exclamation play’ is the first product produced by this company, however Calvin Klein is a widely popular brand name and produces many other items such as clothing and underwear. Therefore because of this popular designer name, the people whom wear this fragrance portray themselves as being successful and professional. As they can earn the money to spend on luxuries such as the CK fragrance. Dissimilar to the selected target audience for ‘exclamation play’ which mainly young people would purchase as they are underage to get a job.

These particular advertisements were found in women’s magazines. The ‘exclamation play’ advert was found in the popular teenage magazine ‘Sugar’, which

contains A-list celebrities, new coming bands, hair and beauty, all of these features attract teenage girls into buying the magazine, and this is why this advertisement was found in ‘Sugar’. The advert itself also contains humorous factors, which goes well with the text ‘Sugar’ contains. However the CK advertisement was found in a magazine called ‘B’ which is not widely known amongst teenagers but more the women aged twenty and above. The magazine contains items of clothing costing up to nearly ninety pounds, also what the ideal balanced diet contains, and make-up which has been tested and improved by leading make up artist. All of these characteristics of the magazine target the audience who are working and sophisticated, just as the CK advertisement is showing. Furthermore the CK advertisers have used sex to sell their product and everybody knows that sex sells!

These two print adverts have very different affects on the reader. The ‘exclamation play’ advertisement is bright and vibrant, catching the eye of the reader immediately. The advert made me feel younger than I actually am with the colour pink, which is feminine and it also reminds me of my childhood, and being young and carefree. However the other advert had a different approach towards the reader making them feel sophisticated. The colours are slightly dull and do not stand out as much as the ‘exclamation play’ advert. However it is just as eye catching towards the right audience.

It also appeals to both sexes, therefore has a wider target audience and is most likely to be found in men’s magazines as well as women’s. The ‘exclamation play’ targets its audience very well as it is found in a teenage girls magazine and is in the right price range, for the unemployed teenage girls. It has feminine colours, humorous factors and empowerment. The ‘CK one’ advert also targets the right audience very well. As ‘Calvin Klein’ is a well known brand name, and is to be worn by the working class people.

The elder person who may be in a relationship, as the advert shows a couple sharing the product. It is targeting both men and women and has sexual connotations as mentioned before, and a desire for the product from both partners. This would appeal to the selected audience because most twenty year olds are working and in a relationship. Both of the print advertisements target their audiences well by placing the adverts in the right magazines, using specific colours and marketing techniques.

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