Pass and Diverse Life Styles

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The society we live in today is made up of people from different race and ethnic backgrounds. The cultures we share today with each other have created so many diverse life styles and subcultures. All the different subcultures here in American society fascinate me very much. One of the subcultures I’m really leaned towards is the bikers. I’ve seen them since the day I first came to United States. I always loved to hear the sound of many bikes passing by together. Personally I believe their life style revolve around the bikes and respecting the traditional attitudes about the code of the road.

Well I am glad; one of my uncles is a biker. We’ve always seen him on bike. As I was getting to know the culture more being around them, it was more of learning something I loved than working on the materials for essay. I learned they rode to spread friendship and togetherness wherever they go. Even between themselves it seemed they had a pretty good mutual bonding and understandings. I noticed they called each other with funny names. The environment was real pleasant being around them.

They would talk about roads, bikes and beer bars more than anything else. I believe they’ve gone to more bars than the times I’ve been to the Wal-Mart. Every town they passed by they would get a souvenir. As the gasoline was fuel for the bikes, beer was for the bikers. I felt there is a lot more going on in every trip they make and every trip is a new experience.

There is always a leader who rides in the front of the pack and as I figured they have got hand signals to pass the messages to the next biker and even similar kind of hand signals for upcoming and passing by traffics.

Probably as I’ve seen in TV and papers there are many negative things related to bikers but to see and get to know the Bikers I spent my time around, it was very motivational and full of inspirations. The bikers culture in American society I felt is leaving the mark of love and brotherhood along the path they travel.

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