Parts of a Cell

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The SMALLEST things considered ALIVE.

Cell Wall (organelle)
A water proof layer outside the Cell Membrane. PLANTS-ONLY.

Cell Membrane (organelle)
A Semi-Permeable layer protecting ALL-CELLS.

Everything inside the cell membrane, and outside the Nucleus.

Small organs of the Cell.

Central Vacuole (organelle)
A large storage bubble in PLANT Cells ONLY.

Chloroplast (organelle)
Turns light into food. PLANTS-ONLY.

Vacuole (organelle)
Storage bubbles in the Cell

Nuclear Envelope
Membrane protecting the Nucleus

Centrioles (organelle)
Divides DNA for Cell Division

Nucleus (organelle)
Stores DNA

Makes ribosomes

Ribosome (organelle)
Makes proteins

Smooth EndopLasmic Reticulum (ER) (organelle)
Gets rid of toxins

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) (organelle)
Makes proteins for export out of the Cell

Golgi (organelle)
Prepares proteins to be exported out of the Cell

Lysosome (organelle)
Digests cellular debris. It is the stomach of the Cell
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