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Sex appeal is frequently used in advertising. Everyone or almost everyone is attracted to the idea of sexy people. Often the sex appeal used has nothing to do with the product itself. The advert uses the idea of sex to promote the product. The picture shows an under table view of a woman’s and man’s naked legs are rubbing in a provocative manner. Above the table coffee is being prepared. The caption at the top of the page reads “practice Safe coffee”. The statement ‘practice safe sex’ is widely used and immediately the word sex, at least, is put into your mind. The text and picture combined creates a ‘sex’ theme. At the bottom the packet and brand are shown and then another slogan saying ‘the coffee you can rely on’. This implies along with the pictures that this coffee will make sure we have a good time.

This advert would most likely appeal to individuals as it is very open and obvious what it means – everyone could enjoy it.RHYTHM Advert  Another type of advertising exploits our fears. This tends to be very effective and used widely i.e. a sexy scene associated with a product will imply that a reader will only get a nice looking partner if he or she uses the product displayed in the rhythm advert. This advert almost promises the customer guaranteed results.

One sort of exploitation of fears is the promotion of the idea that success will come if we use a particular product. The Rhythm advert is for a magazine that tutors drummers. The picture is not very bright or attractive, but it was found in a guitarist magazine. It would stick out in there, drawing to itself immediate attention. The slogan at the central lower part of the page says ‘Every Drummer Needs It’. This implies that if you don’t use this magazine and you are a drummer then you are no good. Along the bottom of the page 5 drummers are pictured with the magazine. All are famous and are noted for their skills and expertise. This exploits fear by implying that only the best drummers read this magazine and that you can not be any good if you do not read it.

This advert is very simple, but also very effective. There are no presentational devices used to impress. This advert is only targeting drummers, would only appeal to drummers, or ‘soon to be’ drummers. WITCH Advert Another exploitation of fears is the use of conformity. This when we do not wish to stick out from the crowd. The Witch advert exploits how fears of being singled out and picked on. As soon as we look at the advert we see the words ‘GRIMY GABI JACKSON?’ These words are offensive. They are displayed in large white, shadowed letters on a green background that immediately draw your attention to them. Our initial reaction is to try to find the meaning of the question.

Below, is pictured a clean looking girl. Next to her is a packet of the product, this implying she used it to look that clean. The advert implies that the girl was once called this profanity but is not anymore as she is now using the product. This advert is very attractive and it sticks out visually. It would appeal to the mainstream group, even though nobody wants to be called names. Another exploitation of fears occurs in adverts that make use of our need for security. This once again advertises the product to make sure we don’t get singled out of the crowd. It offers a product as a security device against anything bad. It is usually in service companies, or bankers, or people dealing with security who push this point more than other companies.

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