Park Story

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One night I was walking down the dark lonely woods when I see a park unlike any other park. Most parks are supposed to remind you of happiness, little kids playing and having the time of their young lives. Well when I thought of kids playing at this park it was like a nightmare where all the kids came back from the dead with there faces pale white and all cut up. I stopped to look at this park knowing the pathway ahead was a pathway I didn’t want to take; it was full of darkness and agony.

The park was surrounded by evergreen trees, taller and stronger then any trees I had seen before. Their branches looked like they were alive and over powering like they were going to strangle you if you got too close. All the parks accessories were set up on the outside of the park in the shape of an obscure circle. Leaving the middle of the park open with a patch of dead and bumpy grass. The park was very enclosed, bare, and blurred. It gave me the hazy feeling that I was the only person in the world to have ever found it.

At the opening of the park right in front of my feet was a stream of water that I had been following for quite some time it was about a foot and a half wide. The eerie thing is that the water became as still and black as the devil’s heart once it reached the park. The stream was bordered with black old torn up wood blocks that had been eaten by the harsh termites. There were three of these wood blocks stacked up on top of each other on each side of the stream. This made the stream about two feet below the trail.

In order to get to the park from the trail you had to cross this bridge made out of four flat three by one foot wood strips like the ones you would buy at Home Depot that were dug into the dark muddy ground on each side. Right across the bridge which led to the front left side of the park was a tree stomp distinct from any other I had seen before. It was overtaken by moss, about twelve feet around, and twenty feet high. It was pointy and formed the shape of a huge sword. However that wasn’t what was so unusual about it.

At the bottom of the stump was an opening, large enough for a person to crawl through, stand in the middle of the hollow tree and look up through the stump at the night sky. It was like the middle of the stump was taken by the devil and the outside was left so it could be a chimney between hell and earth. To the right of this stump was a gray metal slide that was very decomposed and forgotten. It was a regular basic slide a normal size for the scope of the park. It had been punctured in the middle like it was stomped on by god.

The two gray metal bars that were dug into the ground and latched together to form the foundation of the slide were bent to the extent that the end of the slide was touching the ground. Giving the slide a distorted and irregular figure, like it had been melted by a huge oven. Now centered at the back of the park just next to the slide were the swings. The swings were held up by the same kind of metal bars as the slide. But there were four used to form the foundation. Two on the left side of the park and two on the right.

The bars on both ends were individually dug into the ground about 4 feet apart one closer to the front of the park and one closer to the back. They each went up towards the sky slanting towards each other and latched together by another metal piece that also connected a bar that went across the top of the swing and connected both of the sides. Hopelessly dangling down by rusted metal chains were two swings with black rubber seats. And yet that’s it, that’s all the park had to offer, as little as it was it had a big cruel intimidating presence.

Looking at that park made me a feel the same as if you were looking at a cemetery on Halloween night. It gave out the same feeling of mistrust and hatred as a cereal killer would give if he had taken you as hostage. This park despised of me like it was a malevolence king telling me it would make my life a living hell if I kept looking at it. It frightened me the same as if a ruthless, starving wolf was staring at me with its eyes glowing in the night ready to attack its next meal. That park had a vibe unlike anything I had ever imagined. A lifetime experience that I would never want to re live.

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