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Customers: Customers have a big influence on Alton Towers as these are the people that try out the rides, and offer improvements or new ideas for rides. Customers are also chosen by park representatives to fill in surveys to offer improvements not just for rides but for service and facilities. They have the power to do this because if the facilities or rides are not as they please they can take their custom somewhere else, and if many do this then Alton Towers could lose sponsors, contracts with restaurants/ take-away’s, due to the lack of publicity and revenue coming in. A long term affect of customers leaving will be the loss of revenue or decreased amount of profit, to the park.

Employees: these have some influence on Alton Towers as they work for the amusement park and are paid to keep maintaining the companies, good reputation by a excellent service and a happy working environment. If many/some employees are not representing the park acceptably by acting or behaving in the correct manner then the high quality of service will not be reached and may make Alton Towers lose a few customers. But if this happens then Alton Towers will sack them as they are not set out to work at the high standard that they are expected to work at and maintain.

Local Community: The local communities have a big influence on Alton Towers as they are the people living nearby and are the people being mostly affected by the noises and screams from the rides and customers on the rides. If the noise and screams get excessive then they will form pressure groups to campaign or form pressure groups to get Alton Towers to stop using the rides, they also have the power to get the authorities involved and they are also under legal requirement allowed to demand a contract to be drawn up to state what times the park is allowed to be open for and the operating times of the rides, they are also allowed to get limitations put on the amount of fireworks they use on bonfire night.

Parent Company: These have a big influence as they are in control of the way Alton Towers is run as they own and control what goes on regarding Alton Towers weather that is new rides or businesses failing to sign a new contract. Schools: Schools have very little influence as they only tend to visit once with each set of students, as they do not tend to re-visit with groups. Suppliers: Suppliers have very little influence on Alton Towers as all they do is deliver and pick-up stock. The only two things they can do to affect Alton Towers is to put up prices but if they put up their prices too much then Alton Towers will find a new supplier. And if the supplier is being lazy and failing to deliver correct orders or failing to deliver stock on the correct date then Alton Towers will also find new reliable suppliers.

Competitors: Competitors have mixed influences depending on how well Alton Towers is doing as a business. When Alton Towers is doing well, competitors have very little influence as Alton Towers has better rides than many other theme parks across the country, and have many more customers and make more revenue and profit, whereas if Alton Towers is doing poorly as a business then competitors may have a big influence as they may be offering better deals and may be stealing custom from Alton Towers, thus making Alton Towers lose interests and revenue. Ride Designers: Ride Designers have an influence to Alton Towers as they have to design the rides for the customers, and they must design the rides that people want. If the design the rides that the majority people/ customers are not interested in then Alton Towers will lose custom as many people like whit knuckle rides as many customers enjoy excitement.

Financiers: Financiers have a influence on Alton Towers as they loan the park or the parent company money for new rides or park improvements. Financiers have a fairly big influence on Alton Towers as if they stop loaning them money then they will have to find new way to make money or have no way to fund for new rides and facilities. Directors: Directors have little influence as they make ideas but they have to ‘run them by’ the parent company first as the parent company is in control/ charge of what happens thought out the park, Opinion: In my opinion I think that none of the stakeholders are important as they all make Alton Towers what it is, as without the customers Alton Towers wouldn’t have custom or be as big publicly as it is now and without Ride Designers then there will be no new rides for people to try out to make Alton Towers the best theme park in Europe.

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