Pacquiao Wins over Marquez amid Mexican Audience Boos

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The well-awaited boxing trilogy ended with 36 rounds of intense combat—and with Manny Pacquiao being chosen by judges as the winner.

Pacquiao was observed as not being on his best night during Saturday’s trilogy-ender match with Juan Miguel Marquez. A majority decision allowed him a narrow escape of maintaining his welterweight title before a passionate group of 16,368 viewers at the Grand Garden Arena of MGM.

Of course, the Mexican portion of the audience was clamoring for Marquez’s victory and booed the judges’ decision. The ringside even had its fair share of bottles being thrown in outrage following the spectacular fight.

The fight gave Pacquiao a 2-0-1 edge over Marquez. Still, he could easily have been 0-3 and his Number 1 position on the unofficial list of boxing pound-for-pound will likely receive its share of criticism.

Then again, Pacquiao’s victory seems to fan into flame the possibility of a showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr., a fellow title-holder for the welterweight class. Speculators expect Mayweather to be even more interested in fighting Pacquiao if he had seen how the Filipino boxer struggled more than ever at Saturday’s fight: much more than he ever has ever since he won over Marquez in their second fight, back in 2008.

This third battle was yet another incredibly tight and intense match played at the highest boxing level. It had everything that the sport stood for: two amazing fighters and potential Hall of Famers risking it all in the ring.

The outcome had Pacquiao holding on to his name, with Judge Glenn Trowbridge and Dave Moretti giving Pacquiao the nod at 116-112 and 115-113, respectively, while Robert Hoyle set it at 114-114.

Pacquiao commented that it was expected that Marquez’s fans would not be happy with the outcome, while his were undoubtedly very pleased.

“I clearly won the fight,” he said. He described Marquez as a good fighter, but that he had done his best himself.

Meanwhile, Marquez described the outcome as a “robbery.”

“I think this was even more clear than the first,” he said, referring to the other time when Pacquiao was also declared the winner by the judges in an unclear fight. “The audience protested because they saw us win again.”

In fact, Marquez’s trainer, Hall of Fame Nacho Beristain, did not restrain his outrage.

“I’ve always confided in this commission here,” he said, describing the results as “robbery in the utmost.”

The 12th round was granted to Pacquiao by two judges, although the fight had not been that definitive. If Marquez had won those two rounds on the cards, they would have ended up with a draw.

It would seem that the Filipino congressman still has not definitively defeated Marquez.

Pacquiao described Marquez as a “counterpuncher” who always seemed to wait for his own punches.

Marquez actually had an early lead, landing plenty of right hands and looking strong in the welterweight match.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach expressed concern and told Pacquiao to pick it up following the sixth round, which Pacquiao did.

Roach conceded that the fight could have gone either way, as it was indeed very close.

Pacquiao admitted that he was open to a fourth fight, although Marquez did not seem interested, saying it was hard to fight against a rival as well as “the three judges.”

Even then, a possible fight with Mayweather might just be what the world will be waiting for.

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